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Lots of Guests? Plan a Drop-In Baby Shower!

If you find yourself preparing to plan and host a baby shower with a large guest list, consider hosting a drop-in shower. Also known as a “come and go” shower, this type of baby shower is like an open house where guests can stop by to celebrate the mother-to-be. This is a unique option that provides the flexibility to accommodate large numbers of guests while still offering the intimacy of a smaller shower.

It’s the best of both worlds, and planning couldn’t be easier. Read on for 5 tips that can make the drop-in shower your go-to format for all future events!

Design the invitation with clear instructions

Choose your theme and then design an invitation that clearly states this is an “open house” style event. You can simply call it a “Come and Go” shower, or you can add a short description near the event details to make everything clear in the format. Try something like: “Drop in anytime for light refreshments and a chance to celebrate Baby Smith’s arrival.” Guests will understand that they can come at any time for their schedule!

You also have the option to assign specific time slots to each group of visitors; this ensures that the arrival times of your guests will rotate more smoothly. Divide the guests into 3 or 4 groups with about 10-20 people in each group, depending on the size of your guest list. Guests can be divided into groups based on their relationship to the honoree: a group of close friends, a group of co-workers and neighbors, and a group of immediate or extended family members. You can order different sets of invitations and designate “drop-in” times in 45-minute to one-hour increments, or you can leave space to write on time of dropping-in a specific group on each invitation.

Most of your guests will understand the concept without many questions and will be happy to stop and spend time with the mom-to-be.

Serve light refreshments

Since guests will arrive at different times, create a menu that is easy to refill and replenish. Large displays and buffets can appear “chosen” by the time the last guests arrive, so consider serving food in easy-to-get, individual portions. We love the idea of charcuterie jars (pictured above), and the same concept can work for small veggie cups with ranch dip and fruit cups with fruit dip. Mini muffins and finger sandwiches are classic shower foods that are easy to grab and enjoy, as well.

Don’t forget dessert: a sweet display of cupcakes can be constantly replenished as guests filter in and out. And you can send guests on their way with a custom-designed sugar cookie as a delicious parting favor.

Make it Festive

Since this is an open house-style shower, we love the idea of ​​creating a focal point that guests will see when they arrive! Consider creating a balloon display around the entryway, or around a special chair for the guest of honor. This type of display also makes for the perfect photo backdrop for guests to pose upon their arrival!

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A welcome sign display board is also a great idea just outside the front door or on the porch, so guests can be sure they’re in the right place!

Skip games

With a drop-in shower, the focus should be on quality time and conversation. And with limited time, don’t worry about game planning. Instead, opt for a simple activity that guests can complete on their own. One of our favorites? Advice cards that guests fill in with their best parenting advice.

shadow box
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We also love a great guest book alternative: guests can sign their names in a children’s book or Bible with a prayer and a wish for the new baby. Another idea that doubles as a decoration: ask guests to sign a canvas or fill a shadow box! My sister-in-law had a table set up at her baby shower with a shadow bow, little wooden hearts, and markers. Each guest wrote a simple note on a heart and dropped it into the shadow box. That box is now on display in my niece’s room, and is the sweetest reminder of everyone who excitedly celebrated her arrival.

Time Spent

A drop-in shower is a simple, yet meaningful way to include multiple guests and spend time with each other. While it may seem like a long day for the host with crowds filtering in and out, it’s sure to be a special day for every guest who stops by to celebrate–and the guests of honor will be delighted to see so many loved ones. those, too.

For more baby shower theme inspiration, check out our Interest boards and other baby shower related blog posts. And, as always, you can direct visitors to find all new mom registries in one convenient location!

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