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Get ready to unleash the monster within and celebrate the arrival of a little bundle of joy with a Monsters Inc. themed Baby shower! Inspired by the beloved Pixar movie, this unique theme promises a hugely fun celebration filled with laughter, creativity, and lots of adorable monster-themed fun. From colorful decorations to playful activities, here are some friendly and fun ideas to help you host an unforgettable Monsters Inc. baby shower that will have everyone squealing with delight!


Monsters Inc Baby Shower Invitations

Start the excitement with invitations that capture the playful spirit of Monsters Inc. Choose designs that feature iconic characters like Mike Wazowski, Sulley, and Boo, and incorporate bright, fun colors like green, blue, and purple. Add playful phrases such as “Join us for a mighty good time” or “Our little monster is coming!” to set the tone for a fun celebration. Encourage guests to wear their favorite monster-themed clothing to add to the festive atmosphere.

Monsters Inc. Baby Shower Decors

Turn your party space into Monstropolis with decorations that bring the world of Monsters Inc. to life. Hang colorful streamers and balloons in shades of green, blue, and purple to create a colorful backdrop for the festivities.

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epic monster inc themed baby shower guest table setup

Set up cardboard cutouts or posters featuring scenes from the movie, and scatter stuffed monster toys and monster-themed accessories around the room. Create a photo booth area with monster-themed props like googly eyes, monster hats, and furry monster ears for guests to strike funny poses and capture precious memories.

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Baby Shower Food Ideas Inc

Delight your guests’ taste buds with a delicious spread of monster-themed treats and refreshments. Serve a variety of monster-inspired foods, such as “Mike’s Monster Munch” (popcorn mixed with colorful candies), “Sulley’s Scrumptious Sandwiches” (monster-shaped mini sandwiches), and “Boo’s Monster Cupcakes” ( cupcakes decorated with googly eyes. and fondant horns).

For drinks, you can offer refreshments like “Monsters Punch” (a fruity punch served in monster-themed cups) and “Monster Milkshakes” (colorful milkshakes topped with whipped cream and sprinkles).

Monsters Inc. Dessert Table

Create a dessert table that’s sure to impress with a monster-themed cake as the centerpiece. Decorate the cake with fondant monsters, googly eyes, and colorful sprinkles to resemble characters from Monsters Inc. Surround the cake with a variety of monster-themed desserts such as monster cookies, monster cake pops, and monster-shaped rice krispie treats. Present them on trays decorated with monster-themed decorations and colorful ribbons for an added touch of whimsy.

DIY Ice cream Station

An ice cream station would be a perfect addition to a Monsters Inc. themed baby shower, offering guests a fun and interactive way to cool off and indulge in delicious treats. With a variety of ice cream flavors, toppings, and mix-ins inspired by the colorful characters and whimsical world of Monsters Inc., the ice cream bar will add an extra layer of excitement to the celebration. Plus, it provides a customizable option for guests of all ages and dietary preferences to create their own monstrous masterpieces.


Monsters Baby Shower Game Ideas

Keep the party hopping with monster-themed activities and games sure to delight guests of all ages. Set up a “Monsters Inc. Trivia” game featuring questions about the movie, its characters, and memorable quotes. Organize a game of “Pin the Eye on Mike,” where guests take turns blindfolded trying to put a googly eye sticker on a picture of Mike Wazowski. A perfect creative activity especially if children will be attending is to provide guests with blank monster coloring pages and crayons to design their own unique monsters, with prizes awarded for the most creative creation.

Monsters Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Take your guests home with huge fun favors as a token of appreciation for joining the celebration. Consider giving them stuffed monster toys, a box of monster-themed cookies or cupcakes, or jars of “Monster Mix” (a mix of colorful candies and chocolates). Alternatively, give each guest a small bottle of “Monster Spray” (lavender-scented bedroom spray) to help keep the monsters away at bedtime.


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