National Abortion Hotline Shows Demand for Travel Assistance Remains High 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 11, 2023
Contact: Ben Currey, naf@berlinrosen.com

The nation’s leading abortion hotline monitors travel requests before and afterDobbs

NATIONAL – Today, the National Abortion Federation, released data from their National Abortion Hotline showing an increase in demand for travel assistance since Dobbs the decision revoked the protection of abortion in the country. The National Abortion Hotline is the leading multi-lingual abortion assistance hotline that helps abortion seekers plan and finance their care, including for travel services such as hotel rooms and plane tickets.

New data released by the National Abortion Federation shows that a year and a half later Dobbs, the need for travel assistance by abortion seekers remains high. While the National Abortion Hotline provided funding for travel assistance even before the Dobbs decision, requests for assistance were more limited and focused primarily on people traveling for later care or those in Texas who would have to leave the state under SB8 to access an abortion. After Dobbs decision, the National Abortion Hotline has expanded its travel services to respond to the growing demand from patients for care in other states.

Veronica Jones, Chief Operating Officer of the National Abortion Federation said:

“This new data shows that the need for abortion care does not disappear just because it is outlawed. Because of the work of anti-abortion extremists, more and more people seeking abortions are now forced to travel to get -access this important health care. The National Abortion Hotline has long supported people seeking abortion care, and follows Dobbs, the cost of that support has only increased because access to an abortion means additional costs such as plane tickets, hotel rooms, and childcare are needed. Despite these unnecessary and discriminatory barriers, we remain committed to helping anyone, regardless of their income, race, or zip code, access abortion care.

Anyone in any state can call the National Abortion Hotline at 1-800-772-9100 to understand their options and get the help they need, whether it’s information about a provider, travel arrangements to another state , or funding their care.”


The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is the largest and leading professional association of abortion providers in the country. NAF represents hundreds of providers and clinics across the country who are on the frontlines of abortion access. NAF provides members with training, safety support, and guidelines that serve as the gold standard of abortion care. NAF also operates the National Abortion Hotline, the largest national, toll-free, multi-lingual hotline for abortion resources and travel and financial assistance in the US Learn more at https://prochoice.org

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