Navigating Surrogacy as a Single Parent

“Mom on a Mission: Navigating Gestational Surrogacy as a Single Parent”

Lauren, a single parent, persevered through some very difficult times, including losing her five babies during IVF attempts. Despite these setbacks, she remained determined to have a child of her own. A doctor recommended that she consider surrogacy and suggested contacting Egg Donor and Surrogate Solutions (EDSS) to find a surrogate mother. Unbeknownst to Lauren, this suggestion has a major impact on her life.

Although Lauren faced many challenges in life, she found meaning in every obstacle. Initially, Lauren was matched with Chelsea in her first attempt at Surrogate Solutions. Despite having to end the match due to Lauren’s impending divorce, her relationship with Chelsea continued to flourish. Lauren also got two bonus sons, who she met at the age of two during her marriage, Hunter, and Wyatt. Even though they divorced their father when they were 12 years old, they chose to remain a family and are still a big part of Lauren’s life. Additionally, Chelsea began her own surrogacy journey for another couple during this time. Despite the negative experiences faced, Lauren can now take comfort in the many positive outcomes that have emerged and look forward to more to come.

After two to three months following Chelsea’s first surrogacy journey, Lauren approached her about embarking on a surrogacy journey together. Chelsea readily accepted the request, but said she would postpone the trip until she had fully recovered from her previous surrogacy. However, they decided to start the legal process immediately so that when Chelsea were ready the transfer could take place. Sadly, their first attempt ended in heartbreak after Miles-Tucker was lost at 12 weeks and 5 days. However, with Chelsea’s unwavering support, Lauren is inspired to try again. The second transplant was successful, and finally, Lauren’s desire to become a mother came true.

Lauren has some memorable memories from her surrogacy journey. First there were times when he and Chelsea would sit down to eat, savoring Mexican cuisine while enjoying the playful movements of her baby bump. Lauren also expresses gratitude for not feeling left out in the process, all thanks to Chelsea and her support network, who kept her well-informed and involved throughout. Additionally, during the wait for the baby’s arrival, there was a false alarm four weeks before the baby’s actual arrival when Chelsea was already dilated at 3cms which kept them both on their toes. Lauren fondly looks back on that time as an experience that brought them closer and strengthened their relationship. However, the most memorable memory belongs to the miraculous arrival of his daughter, Millie, who exceeded all expectations.

Lauren suggests for anyone starting a surrogacy journey, prioritize finding a surrogate who communicates in a way that matches your personality, so it’s not difficult to establish a strong connection. He admits that having a friend to accompany him on this journey is an unfathomable joy. Lauren said, “We’re still friends today, actually, we celebrated Mother’s Day together.”

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