Our 5 Favorite Kid-Sized Christmas Tree Styles

Ever since my preschooler brought home her very first handmade ornament (a paper cut out of an angel with a face glued on), we’ve had a “little” tree in our home. It is home to all of our son’s handmade ornaments along with ornaments connected to special memories we have made over the years.

While I, of course, love the big tree we put under the presents, I also can’t imagine Christmas without our kid-sized tree.

5 Adorable Child-Sized Christmas Trees

I thought it would be fun to round up some of the best kid-sized trees I could find to give you all a little inspiration! From a girly pink tree to the perfect felt tree for kids, I hope this list gives you some holiday inspiration!

1. The Pink Dream by Chelsea Hood

A tree dripping with cotton candy, ice cream cones, and donuts is pretty much every kid’s dream! I’m obsessed with the look of this tree which is absolutely gorgeous, yet so childish.

Tree created by @chelseahood, find out more about how he lived it here!

2. Megan’s Pom Pom Tree from @honeywerehome

I think this look is very important! Not to mention, it would make the perfect tree for any nursery. Plus, the snuggly sheep by the tree is an adorable addition!

Tree created by @honeywerehome, check out more of her Christmas decorating ideas here!

3. The Bright & Bold Tree by Tiffany Ashley

This tree is bold and very cheerful! I love the idea of ​​making a colored tree to give it a little something extra. Best of all, this tree is designed to be completely kid-friendly. The wheel helps secure the tree so it doesn’t fall over easily (a genius idea for a tree in your child’s room!) and all the decorations are shatterproof.

Tree created by @tiffany3366, learn more about what inspired this tree design here!

4. The Classic Tree by Brooke from @nestingwithgrace

This tree is perfectly decorated with classic ornaments and pom-pom garlands. It’s the perfect tree to bask in the glow of as you read your favorite Christmas stories together.

Tree created by @nestingwithgrace, click here for more inspiration on how to decorate a tree for kids rooms!

5. The Felt Tree (okay, this one might not be like the others but we love it)

Last, but certainly not least, a tree for all the mamas looking to take it easy during the holiday season! Your baby can undecorate and redecorate this tree as many times as her little heart desires. Get yours here!

Which kid-sized tree fits your Christmas vibe best?!

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