Indiana Abortions Dropped to “Essentially Zero” as Abortion Ban Saves Babies

Good news! According to the Guttmacher Institutethe most prominent pro-abortion think tank, “Guttmacher Data Shows Virtually No Abortions in Indiana Following New Ban and Lasting Impact of Recent Restrictions in North Carolina.”

Earlier this week, Guttmacher released the latest round of data from it Monthly Study on Abortion Provisioncovering the period from January to August 2023. The latest estimates include preliminary insights into the effects of a total abortion ban in Indiana, where abortions have dropped to essentially zero, as well as the ongoing effects of severe restrictions that recently implemented in North Carolina.”

The Monthly Abortion Provision Study “continues to do what it was designed to do—provide us with near-real time insights into how the rapidly changing state policy landscape is affecting access to abortion,” said Isaac Maddow-Zimet, data scientist at Guttmacher and project lead for this research effort. “Among other findings, this month’s data shows the initial impact of the total ban in Indiana, and in the coming months we hope to better understand its effects in neighboring states.”

Guttmacher summed up the situation in Indiana this way: “Abortions Down 100% in Indiana.” The number of abortions in July was almost 700.

What about North Carolina? Last month Guttmacher reported that abortions in North Carolina drop 31% from June to July 2023. Reporting for North Carolina Health News, Rachel Crumpler explains

The number of abortions provided in North Carolina dropped significantly after the enforcement of higher restrictions in the state as of July 1, according to data estimates from a national organization that tracks reproductive health trends.

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In the first month running under New North Carolina law which limits most abortions to after 12 weeks of pregnancy and requires two in-person appointments for anyone seeking an abortion, the Guttmacher Institute reported drug and procedure [surgical] abortions provided in the state in July were down 31 percent from the previous month. A new round of data released this week shows how state restrictions hinder access to abortion care.

What about August? Guttmacher wrote

The number of abortions in North Carolina rose slightly in August from July, and the total was still down 28% from June 2023, before the restrictions took effect.

What about the “three states bordering Indiana where abortion remains legal (Illinois, Michigan and Ohio)”?

Guttmacher wrote, “Overall there was an increase in the number of abortions in August compared to July, but it is not clear to what extent these increases reflect seasonal fluctuations in pregnancies, more abortions that obtained by residents of those states, or increased travel from Indiana or other states with abortion bans.”

LifeNews.com Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. He writes frequently for Today’s News and Views — an online opinion column on life issues.

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