Parents Chime In On The Growing Debate

“When I had kids, I stopped looking at people’s engagement rings and started looking at their strollers,” an editor at The Bump remembers hearing a friend say one day. As a funny parenting act unfolds, this sentiment sparked discussion in Momtok and beyond. Nicknamed “Stroller Gate,” a viral TikTok video has ignited a great debate about whether we judge parents by their strollers and has millions of parents asking, “Are strollers The new parenting status symbol?”

Bay area mom Brooke started the conversation after she posted a video of herself enjoying a day at the Oakland Zoo with her kids. Amidst the children and parents staring at the animals and exhibits, Brooke realizes that she too has been the subject of some stares. Her reasoning—other parents judge her for her Graco stroller, a “budget brand” that typically sells for less than luxury stroller brands.

“Every single stroller or baby device I see going by is an Uppa, or I keep seeing the Uppa, the Vista, the Mockingbird, the Veer Cruiser, the WonderFold. And I’m pushing my Graco, and I feel like people are judging me because of my Graco baby stroller!” Brooke said in the video with the caption, “I didn’t realize my stroller would allow for classist side eyes.”

Parents were quick to chime in with comments about their stroller judging experiences and how much they spent on their travel systems. And apparently, judgment goes both ways. “We unashamedly love Graco here. There’s no way I’m spending $1000+ on a stroller that works exactly for $300,” says Momtokker 2 Under 2 Mom. “I judge people who spend $$ on a Doona. My Graco lasts longer,” wrote one user. “I went to the park the other day with my Baby Trend stroller and I’m not kidding everyone has a Wonderfold and they are not friendly,” said another.

At the other end of the spectrum, parents argue that higher-end strollers are worth the investment. “Staying 100 here, the Uppa is worth every penny! The wheels, the ease, the style, the wearability. It’s an investment,” said one mother, “To me you judge them by having Uppa and WonderFold,” added another.

A quick search of Stroller Gate on social media reveals hundreds of parents responding with their opinions on what the best strollers are, why they chose their stroller and whether they felt judged or judged. someone based on their stroller. After all the debate, a common theme emerges, judgment or not, the most important thing when choosing baby gear is finding something that works for you and your family.

Like other parenting trends and debates like silky vs. crunchy moms who remind us that every parenting style deserves respect, too each parenting decision. So the next time you’re tempted to snub a parent who chose a different path than you, remember that there’s no right or wrong way to do this thing called parenting—we all think it’s a stroller ride on a opportunity.

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