Pregnancy Centers Have Transformational Influence on Communities

In 2022, pregnancy centers across the United States conducted more than 16 million client sessions and provided $358 million worth of goods and services while demonstrating incredible resilience and generosity after the historic Dobbs The Supreme Court’s decision was overturned Roe v. Wade.

These are the findings of a recently released report, Hope for a New Generationa collaboration of national survey data provided by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, Care Net, Heartbeat International, and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates.

“This data underscores the transformative influence pregnancy centers are having in communities across the country,” said Roland C. Warren, President and CEO of Care Net.

Hope for a New Generation included data from 2,750 pregnancy centers in the United States. Of the more than 16 million client sessions (in person and virtual) that took place, 97 percent self-reported a positive experience. The centers served nearly 975,000 new clients, responding to increased demand following the Dobbs decision; A report from the IZA Institute of Labor Economics it is estimated that 32,000 more babies will be born in 2022.

Another key finding in the report included the overall impact of $358 million worth of material support and health care contributions. In 2022, the surveyed pregnancy centers provided essential services to women, men, and children, including: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting education programs, baby diapers, wipes, formula , outfits, and more.

“It’s on Dobbs period, the needs at pregnancy help centers have increased every day,” said Chuck Donovan, president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), the research arm of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. “Many states are responding with new funds and new policies to support the work of the centers. At the same time, new attacks are being launched every day by violent radicals and by politicians who should know better. Some of these challenges are difficult, but as our report shows, pregnancy help center leaders see in this situation new opportunities to generously serve with love and compassion to those in need.”

Hope for a New Generation was prepared by CLI Senior Associate Scholar Michael J. New and CLI Associate Scholar Moira Gaul. Prior, an assistant professor of practice at the Busch School of Business at the Catholic University of America, said the report provides strong evidence that pregnancy help centers have succeeded in meeting the various challenges that have arisen. ever since Dobbs.

“[This is] excellent news as pro-lifers continue our efforts to build a culture of life,” he said.

Roland Warren, the head of Care Net’s Pro Abundant Life movement, also celebrated the findings. Care Net is an umbrella organization, representing approximately 1,200 pregnancy centers in the United States and Canada.

“These wonderful organizations serve as beacons of hope and support, tirelessly helping hundreds of thousands of women and men each year,” she said. “Through their efforts, they not only save the lives of precious unborn babies, but they also foster the formation of strong families and make a positive difference in countless lives.”

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