Pro-life groups sue San Antonio over taxpayer-funded abortion

Two pro-life groups are suing the city of San Antonio, Texas, in an effort to block $500,000 of taxpayer money from going to an abortion fund.

Texas Right to Life and San Antonio Family Association (SAFA) are fighting to stop a “reproductive justice fund” after the city council approved a September budget with $500,000 earmarked for it. It is believed that the abortion fund will help pay for women traveling for abortions, as well as for illegal chemical abortions in the state of Texas. Although the city council has yet to provide details, some of its members are clear about what they expect.

“We need to discuss the opportunities we have to have an impact legally,” Jalen McKee-Rodriguez told KSAT in September. “As far as we can go, I want to go there, of course, within the limits of state law.”

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City Attorney Andy Segovia appears to be dismissing the lawsuit, saying it is based on false information. “A decision has not been made on how that money will be used,” he said in a statement. “The City Council will hold an open work session to discuss the use of funds to be administered by the City’s Metro Health Department. Funds will be distributed in accordance with state and federal laws.”

But an e-mailed press release from Texas Right to Life pointed out that several abortion groups have lobbied for the “reproductive justice fund” to be put in place, including Jane’s Due Processan organization dedicated to helping minor children who have been illegally subjected to abortions in Texas, without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

“We will not allow the City of San Antonio to give taxpayer money to criminal organizations that engage in abortion trafficking and ignore our state’s Pro-Life laws,” said Texas Right to Life President Dr. John Seago. “We will take discovery from each of these abortion funds to expose their violations of state law and the criminal activities of their members and donors. Any other city in Texas that tries to give taxpayer money to abortion funds or abortion aid organizations will face similar charges.”

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