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Puppy Dog Themed Baby Shower Ideas – Baby Shower Ideas 4U
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A puppy dog-themed baby shower is an adorable and playful theme. Here are some ideas to help you create a paw-sitively charming celebration.

Puppy Themed Baby Shower Invitations

For an adorable baby shower invitation, depict a cute puppy sitting in a basket or holding baby items to convey the theme of the baby shower. You can also feature pictures of different puppy breeds to add a charming touch.

Girls Puppy Dog Baby Shower Invite

Puppy Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Decorating cupcakes is easy with adorable puppy toppers (fondants or pix) but if you want something a little different, you can try making mini dog bone cookies with cookie cutter. They look very lovely!

puppy baby shower centerpieces
Puppy Dog Themed Baby Shower Ideas

You can also have puppy paw print balloons. If you’re feeling a little creative, using a color you like, you can cut puppy ears out of a piece of paper and glue them to either side of the balloon. Add cute puppy eyes and a nose and mouth with a marker pen. If you have a dessert table, you can cut out puppy paws as a wall decoration behind the table.


What would be great fun is to serve snacks and food in doggy bowls for a unique presentation. Place some puppy soft toys here and there if you have them or you can borrow from your friends.


Puppy Themed Baby Shower Favors

For baby shower favors, you can make dog bone shaped cookies or cute paw cookies, shaped like hands or things cookie cutters. If you’re looking for non-treat favors, just tie a pretty ribbon around a cookie cutter and your guest can enjoy making their own cookies at home. Another option, especially if there are children at the event, is to give guests small plush puppy toys as a keepsake.

Adopt a puppy plush toy favor

How to Decorate Puppy Cupcakes

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Puppy Themed Baby Shower Games

Doggy Diaper Changing Contest: Have a fun contest where guests change diapers with blindfolded stuffed toy puppies.
Predict the Breed of the Puppy:
Show pictures of different breeds of puppies and have guests guess the breed of each one.
Doggy Themed Bingo: Play bingo with cards featuring dog-related items like bones, paws, and collars.


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