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Rainbow Party (pretty Rainbow-themed party ideas)

A Rainbow themed party is a perfect theme for a little girl’s (or little boy’s) party. With bright, colorful decor and the magic of rainbows, this beautiful theme is one of our favorites.

This adorable setup by Events Well Spent, is full of rainbow colors. With great style details, from the food to the table settings, read on to see more of this gorgeous Rainbow Party.

rainbow party decorations
rainbow party for girls

We love those beautiful swathes of rainbow tie-dye chiffon Events Well Spent are draped over the seating cushions. And the sequined table cloth really adds sparkle. Plus, the pretty rainbow-shaped plates bring the theme to the party table!

rainbow cake for the party
unicorn party cookies

Like all good parties, the theme of the party carries through to the food. These beautiful sugar cookies make a special treat to take home. And the rainbow unicorn cake is a cute centerpiece for the table.

wolf necklace

A rainbow balloon garland is a great addition to this party setup. Go bright and bold like this one, or go for muted pastels for a more subdued look. Either way, a balloon rainbow will make a girl’s birthday day! And for an inexpensive splash of color, hang crepe paper streamers in rainbow colors from the walls.

Click here to see our best Rainbow party food ideas.

party fun girls ideas
rainbow party table

If you’re looking for a fun rainbow-themed party activity, try a few rainbow themed crafts. Depending on the age of the kids it can be something super simple or something more adventurous.

rainbow party
unicorn cake

thank you for Events Well Spent for sharing this bright and colorful Rainbow themed party with us. It definitely makes a great party theme and will brighten up even the dullest day!

There are so many party ideas for girls, but this one is definitely one of the most colorful!

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