Record-setting micro-preemie born before 22 weeks is now home with family

When Sherrye went into labor at 21 weeks into her pregnancy, she and her husband, Jamar, were terrified, knowing their daughter had very little chance of survival.

Providentially, they live near MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital in Long Beach, California, which has an exceptional Level IV NICU, the highest possible designation. They have a special Small Baby Unit and are more specialized very low birthweight program. Reportedly, “The environment inside the Small Baby Center mimics a mother’s womb, providing a warm and dark environment for a baby to grow in a more suitable environment for development.”

Dr. took Peggy Chen is Sherrye and Jamar’s case and she is confident that she can deliver, intubate, and resuscitate the micro-preemie “Dr. Chen had the mind, skill and courage to deliver and intubate,” said Jamar. “We are so grateful to Dr. Chen believed in Marz and brought us to where we are today.”

@millerchildrens Marz was born at 21 weeks and 6 days, weighing just 1 lb. 1 oz. His parents, Sherrye and Jamar, didn’t know what to expect for their son’s future health journey, but they didn’t lose hope. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) team worked with him and the family providing care, guidance and support. After four months in the NICU, Marz was finally able to go home, requiring a small supplemental oxygen supply. He is the youngest baby to graduate from our NICU. “The whole team made us feel like we had a real community that cared about us,” said Marz’s parents. “Parents must have hope and try for their child against all odds. Commit to being there, even if your child can’t see you. They feel you, smell you, and hear you. Said to us and the staff that we are going there because of his success.” We have one of the largest level IV NICUs in the area, which is the highest designation available by the American Academy of Pediatrics.This includes a Small Baby Program that specializes in the care of babies less than 2 lbs at birth, such as by Marz Our team is dedicated to supporting each little fighter and their families throughout the NICU journey. #nicu #nicubaby #nicum #nicustrong #nicuncurse #niculife #nicujourney #nicugraduate #nicubabies #childrenshospital ♬ Pumpkin – Fred Paci and Nobel

The hospital article The chances are said to be less than 10% for Sherrye and Jamar’s child to survive at 21 weeks. But new studies show increased survival rates – about 20% at 22 weeks. According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, in some hospitals that specialize in treating very premature babies, such as MemorialCare Miller, whose survival rate can be as high as 60%. This is especially true when staff are doing everything they can to save a premature baby, rather than assuming that a child born before 24 weeks (the usual standard for “viability”) is not yet also live.

Sherrye and Jamar named their new daughter Marz, a fitting name that means warrior, strong, brave, and fierce. He was born at 7:03 a.m. on June 9, 2023, weighing just one pound, one ounce. Marz set a record “as the most premature baby born and discharged at MemorialCare’s Miller Children’s & Women’s.” Marz didn’t need any surgery, just four and a half months in the NICU to grow and get strong enough to go home.

The hospital made a video celebrating Marz’s graduation day from the NICU. The caption read: “After four months in the NICU, Marz is finally home, needing a small supplemental oxygen supply. He is the youngest baby to graduate from our NICU.”

It’s clear that Sherrye and Jamar’s faith is strong and rely on God throughout this trial. Sherrye said: “Marz taught us how fragile life is. Our trust in God… grew.”

Jamar learned that “[s]We focus on what is most important, regardless of how things look. Outcomes are a matter of perception and it is very important to have faith.”

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