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Dear Sassy Surrogate:

We started looking at gestational surrogacy as an option for raising our family and it is very expensive in the United States. We started looking at International options and it was definitely cheaper; what’s the catch? -Ferrari flavor on a Honda budget

Dear Ferrari –

We really hear you! Gestational surrogacy has always been expensive and out of reach for many, and the pandemic has driven costs even higher. We fully understand why people choose to look at International options, but there are some risks to consider. The top 6 risks we see:

Screening – International surrogacy does not have the same difficulty of medical and mental health screening that using a surrogacy program in the US can provide. Make sure your gestational carrier has a healthy health and birth history as well as has had a consultation with a mental health provider who specializes in collaborative reproduction!

Communication – Will you be able to communicate directly with your gestational surrogate? Is this something important to you? Or will you worry about her, her health and your child throughout the pregnancy if you don’t have direct access to her?

Legally – Have you consulted a lawyer specializing in the parenting process in the country where your gestational carrier will give birth? Furthermore, have you consulted a US attorney that you also trust? Parenting your child is not something you want to fool around with!

Travel – Babies come when babies want to come – are you going to travel abroad for a long time and just wait? How much did you have to pay for accommodations (hotel? or Airbnb) during that downtime? Will you be able to work remotely during that waiting time or will you also be taking your limited time off work before your baby is with you? Even after delivery, how long will it take for you to get the appropriate documents to return home? Add that number to your hotel or Air B&B expense range!

Immigration – How easy or difficult is it to get documentation to go home with your child? Just a few weeks, or even just one parent stuck alone with a newborn in another country while you wait for administrative documents?

Medical/emergency expenses – Does your health insurance cover a newborn abroad? What happens if there is NICU time or other health care expenses while you wait? Is the health care system in your gestational carrier’s country adequate to make you comfortable if the delivery is early and NICU time or other interventions are necessary?

We really know that people can and do pursue surrogacy outside of the United States. If you choose, please go into the process knowing about the potential risks. No complications may arise, or every single complication may arise! No matter how you grow your family, our team is sending the most amazing baby dust your way. If you want to talk about surrogacy in the United States, we want to help. Schedule a free consultation today at

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