‘She was meant to be here’

She was shocked when she left a voicemail with the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) and got a call back in less than an hour from a “super confident nurse.”

Sara was one of many mothers who shared their experience Bringing back the Abortion Pill for Heartbeat International, which manages APRN.

Sara begins her story by saying, “I’m young, and I’m not in the best situation as my daughter’s father is.”

“And there are a lot of worries and concerns for that,” he said. “And that’s the main reason why in the end I went to [abortion] clinic that day.”

Sara then said she immediately felt remorse after taking the pill, also known as mifepristone. The regret of starting a chemical abortion also makes her like many other mothers. Many women undergo chemical abortions because they feel they have no other choice. About 150 women call the APRN each month and initiate Abortion Pill Reversal.

The chemical abortion pill causes the pregnancy to lose progesterone; it is a source of keeping the baby safe in the womb. If progesterone is given after the chemical abortion process begins, the baby may survive.

Bringing back the Abortion Pill is an updated application of decades of treatment use of progesterone to prevent miscarriage. A chemical abortion consists of mifepristone, which starves the unborn child of progesterone, and misoprostol, which is taken a day or so after the first pill, to cause the mother to go into labor and give birth to her dead child.

If a mother takes immediate action after taking the first chemical abortion pill, it is possible to save her unborn child through Abortion Pill Reversal. Until now, over 4,500 livesand counting, has been saved thanks APRN.

Sara’s boyfriend’s mom helped her find the APRN website. He could hardly believe such an option was available.


APRN includes more than 1,400 Rescue providers, pregnancy centers and hospitals.

The nurse on the line found a doctor within 10 minutes of her location to administer the progesterone that would save her baby’s life.

Even after seeing her baby on an ultrasound, two years later she continues to wonder if the abortion pill did any harm. She wonders if there are any defects or if the baby will make it to term.

Her daughter Emilia was born in June 2015, and according to Sara, “she’s a straight-A student, good at every sport. Beautiful, funny. I can’t imagine life without her. She’s just here.”

Sara spoke about the helpful services of pregnancy centers, which offer ultrasounds, diapers, support, and other items.

She said she hopes her story will affect other women.

“They’ll Google it and they’ll see, ‘Oh, it’s legit. It’s a safe, trusted process,’” says Sara.

If it wasn’t for Sara finding an APRN after she took the first abortion pill, Sara says Emelia wouldn’t be here today.

More stories of lives saved by APR are available HERE. More information on APR and the APRN there is still HERE and HERE.

PHN Editor’s Note: Heartbeat International hosts the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) and Pregnancy Help News.

LAN Editor’s Note: This article was published on Pregnancy Help News and reprinted here with permission.

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