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A baby shower is a special celebration to welcome a new life into the world, and what better way to commemorate this joyous occasion than with a space themed extravaganza? By incorporating cosmic decorations, stellar food and drinks, engaging baby shower activities, and celestial favors, you can create an unforgettable event that transports everyone beyond the stars. So, let your creativity fly and prepare for a baby shower that is truly out of this world!


Space Baby Shower Invitation

Set the tone for your space-themed baby shower with invitations that evoke the wonder of the cosmos. Opt for designs featuring stars, planets, rockets, or adorable aliens. Consider including phrases like “Exploding into parenthood“or”A star is about to be born” to add a playful touch.

Space Baby Shower Decorations

Turn your party space into a celestial wonderland with space-themed decorations. Hang twinkling metallic streamers to mimic the Milky Way, and drape twinkling fairy lights to recreate the sparkle of distant stars. Grow silver and gold balloons shaped like planets and stars, and scatter them around the room for an otherworldly ambiance. Create a focal point with a large inflatable rocket or a cardboard cutout of a spaceship where guests can take memorable photos.

dessert table and dining table

Choose a color scheme that reflects the vastness and beauty of space. Classic colors like deep blues, rich purples, and shimmering silvers can form the basis of your palette, accented with pops of celestial gold and shimmering white. Incorporate metallic finishes and iridescent accents to capture the allure of the cosmos.


How to Make a Space-Themed Diaper Cake

A diaper cake is a practical and adorable centerpiece for any baby shower, and when decorated with a space-themed twist, it becomes a stellar addition to your celestial celebration.


To make a diaper cake, start by gathering materials such as diapers, rubber bands, ribbons, decorations, and optional baby essentials like pacifiers and onesies. Next, build the base by arranging the diapers in a circular pattern and securing them with rubber bands. Stack additional layers using smaller cake rounds or trays, offsetting them slightly for a tiered effect.

Decorate each layer with ribbon, decorations, and baby essentials, and crown the cake with a stellar centerpiece. Finally, display your creation as a baby shower centerpiece and enjoy the admiration of your guests before unwrapping it to reveal the hidden treasure of diapers inside.

Space Baby Shower Food

Delight your guests’ taste buds with a sumptuous spread of cosmic-inspired treats. Serve sandwiches topped with paper rocket toppers, star-shaped cookies, and cupcakes decorated with edible glitter to satisfy their craving for intergalactic delight. Quench their thirst with refreshing “moon juice” cocktails or a selection of sparkling drinks served in futuristic glassware. Don’t forget to include a celestial-themed cake, featuring a fondant-covered rocket ship or a galaxy-inspired design with a fondant sleeping baby topper.


Space themed Baby Shower Games

Keep your guests entertained with space-themed activities and games that are fun for all ages. Set up a DIY station where guests can decorate onesies or bibs with fabric paint and stencils featuring adorable space motifs. Organize a trivia game with questions about famous astronauts, iconic space missions, and celestial phenomena.

shared recreations

Create lasting memories with a space themed photo booth where guests can have fun moments together. Set up a backdrop featuring a cosmic scene complete with planets, stars, and a glowing moon. Provide various props such as astronaut helmets, alien masks, and inflatable space toys for guests to pose with. Everyone will be encouraged to let their imaginations soar as they pose and take photos against the stellar backdrop.

Space Baby Shower Favors

You might consider giving them celestial-themed candles, or packets of wildflower seeds labeled “Plant your own galaxy.” Alternatively, give each guest a small telescope or a star chart to inspire them to continue exploring the wonders of the universe long after the party is over.

Space Themed Party Collection

Houston we have a Baby Boy
space themed baby shower dessert table
outer space baby shower
houston we have a girl baby shower cake

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