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Stocking Fillers for Teen Girls

All children love a Christmas stocking, it is one of the most beloved Christmas traditions. But by the time they are teenagers, we may need to change it up a bit! If you’re looking for original stocking fillers for girls, look no further! And for men click here!

Let’s spread the Christmas cheer by surprising our sweet little girl with awesome stocking stuffers this holiday season!

What To Put In Teen Girls Socks

Waking up on Christmas morning in a Christmas stocking brings excitement that kids never grow up with!

And when they reach their teenage years, you definitely don’t want childish things, or anything mundane and predictable. Here are 10 clever and beautiful teen girl stocking fillers that are guaranteed to put a smile on her face!

Best Stocking Fillers for Teen Girls

1. Nail Polish

First, nail polish. Give them not one but two bottles of nail polish. Teen girls love getting their nails done, because it makes them feel like a girl. A bottle can be their favorite color (safe!) and a color can be fun and unique, like glitter!

2. Wallet

A woman can never have too many wallets! Choose a cute and slim wallet in his favorite color. You can never go wrong with a useful item. Choose a wallet with multiple compartments for her gift cards, ID, and even a picture of her crush!

3. sunglasses

arrival fillers for girls

Sunglasses are hip, mature, and completely protect your teen girl’s eyes from harmful UV rays. If he already has a pair, it doesn’t matter, because a new one can be added to his eyewear collection. Just make sure to pick a pair that will look good on her face shape.

4. Lip Gloss

arrival fillers for teen girls ideas

Put a sparkle in your girl’s eyes when she opens Day 21 of her advent calendar and sees lip gloss! She wants to appreciate this beauty item that will give her lips an attractive shine and plumpness. You can also choose a glitter lip gloss!

5. Gift Cards

What is your teen girl’s favorite store? Give them GC. It could be her favorite restaurant or bookstore or clothing store. A gift card will make your teenage girl excited for a chance to shop or eat wherever she wants!

6. Cellphone Case

Anyone with a phone will always welcome a brand new case. It’s like adding cellphone dresses to her wardrobe. There are many cute and high quality cases available. Match the case to his taste and personality.

7. Sticky Notes

Useful and colorful, sticky notes are timeless supplies that your girl can use for almost anything.

8. Compact Glass

great ideas for advent fillers for girls

These mini Van Gogh-inspired compacts are so cute! Giving him a compact mirror would be super handy.

9. Textile Marks

Give your teen an opportunity for creative expression. Fabric markers are inspiring and fun. He can use it for his DIY projects. He can design his shirts, sneakers, hats, pillows, and more!

10. Magnetic eyelashes

This beauty product will really thrill your teenage girl. It’s perfect for her Instagram selfies and for batting her eyelashes at her crush.

Best Stocking Fillers for Teen Girls

Original stocking fillers will allow you to make your teenage girl feel truly loved. Choose 10-15 small gifts. And remember to include some that are practical and some that are just for fun!

And if you are looking for Stocking stuffing ideas for men, then check this out.

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