Stranger crochets hat for baby on recent flight

A happy couple surprised on a recent flight — their daughter’s first — a stranger crocheted the baby girl a hat as a gift.

“It was Romey’s first flight and obviously, we were a little nervous,” Kelly Levine told Good Morning America. Levine and her husband Jake were flying with their son Romey, who is just five months old. On their return flight from Mexico to New Jersey, the couple met a woman who befriended baby Romey.

“[Romey] ended up liking the girl next to us and the girl crocheted,” said Levine. “His hands were moving a million miles an hour and Romey was obsessed with it.”

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The girl’s name was Meegan Rubin, and she noticed young Romey staring intently at her.

“I was sitting in the aisle and the baby was in the aisle so he was looking at me the whole flight,” she explained. “I’m working on a sweater. He was literally mesmerized by it.”

He said he was inspired to make a small hat just for Romey.

“I was like, if it were me [don’t] run out of this thread and there is time, I will, because my thread is the same color as her little dress,” said Rubin. “I couldn’t stop it. I was like, this baby is getting something because he is so cute.”

There was only about an hour left in the flight when Rubin got to work on the hat and finished it before the flight landed.

“We got there and right as everyone was standing up, I was like, ‘I’m done!’ … Let’s see if it fits baby,” Rubin said.

Levine shared, “He ended up gifting us this beautiful beanie that he decided to make [Romey] mid flight I have never seen someone work so fast in my life. I had no idea it was for us. We thought, ‘What a great way to just do something nice for a stranger,’ and in turn, everyone’s mood brightened. It was a selfless act.”

Rubin says he plans to make Romey into a dress. “I’m actually going to make Romey a little baby dress because I love making baby dresses. I was happy to make that connection and make new friends. They are very nice people.”

The sweet story is in stark contrast to the story actress Kaley Cuoco recently shared about her nine-month-old daughter’s first flight.

He said “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host Jimmy Kimmel said last week, “This is our first flight with this baby, which is scary. We are very scared.” Things are difficult for Cuoco and her family as baby Matilda is having trouble sleeping on the flight and is crying. She finally fell asleep to the sound of her sound machine until the woman sitting in front of them asked a flight attendant to turn off the machine for Cuoco and her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey. When Matilda woke up, smiling, the passenger turned and yelled, “Oh, that’s why your daughter can smile,” Cuoco said.

Although there are anti-natalist groups that urge people not to have children and spread negative messages about children, including Stop having children and The Birthstrike Movementpeople like Rubin remind us that a little kindness goes a long way and in this case, helped a young couple feel good about their first flight experience with their baby.

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