Study on Centers Shows Difference in Transactional Work and Transformational Ministry

Contraceptiona peer-reviewed academic journal just released a new study that found pro-life pregnancy centers offer better services than abortion clinics.

As Roland Warren, President and CEO of Care Net, points out in this LifeChat, it’s interesting that this study hasn’t been reported in the mainstream press despite the fact that much has been said about “fake clinics” over the past few years. year.

In this episode, Roland discusses the new study and reveals the difference between transactional work and transformational ministry.

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Study Compares Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Abortion Facilities

What is the difference between Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Abortion Facilities?

This new study provided strong statistical evidence that Pro-life pregnancy centers offer better and cheaper services than abortion facilities. Pregnancy centers were found to have shorter appointment wait times than abortion facilities and were more likely to offer same-day appointments. More importantly, it found that abortion facilities often charge for pregnancy tests and ultrasounds while pregnancy centers charge almost nothing for those same services.

Roland explained, “This is good news. But honestly, I’m not surprised. We have always known about the incredibly high quality of services offered by net affiliates and other pregnancy centers.”

Each year, from our national office, we provide more than 1,249 affiliated pregnancy centers nationwide with tools, training, and other resources to help them do their job more efficiently to serve women and men in their communities with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

As a result, Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers have saved more than 940,000 lives since 2008 and shared the gospel more than two million times. This is Care Net’s holistic approach to serving people—we care for a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Care Net views this work, as a Christian ministry, as the difference between transactional work and transformational ministry. In a world of transactional work, we have experienced that people respond well to the work of transformational ministry.

Isn’t this how Jesus served the woman with the issue of blood? Jesus didn’t just walk away after healing him physically. No, He wants her to be completely restored. Jesus does not just offer a health care transaction but a transformation so that he can physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially reconnect with his community.

Roland emphasized, “Jesus called her ‘sister,’ invited her back into the community, and did it in a public way—so that this woman who once had to walk around saying, ‘dirty… unclean…unclean’ can now say, ‘I am clean…I am clean…I am clean.’” Jesus did that work. We at Care Net are called to do this work like Christ.

And it seems we are doing this great work. In publishing this new study, we see that in pregnancy centers, people are noticing that our services are better because abortion clinics are transactional, not transactional.

“The reality is that abortion clinics don’t provide ministry and care about the life events that brought the client to the clinic or that will be waiting for clients when they leave,” Roland said.

  • Was the woman abandoned by the father of the baby?
  • Is he being abused?
  • Does he live in poverty?
  • What set of issues was she dealing with that led her to consider an abortion?
  • Is the father of the child in the picture?
  • Can he be in the picture?
  • What is stopping him from coming forward?

Care Net centers offer support, insight into these questions and more.

Abortion clinics are not in the ministry of helping you alleviate your problems after you leave their clinic. When you learn the truth about pregnancy centers, you begin to see how important these centers are to women, men, families, churches, and communities.

With a transactional model, whether it’s Planned Parenthood or a retail business, it’s not just made to change lives. Only Jesus can change lives. We are grateful for this new study to shed light on the huge difference Care Net centers make in this world, every day.

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