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I want to find the “right” way to exercise to lose weight without obsessing over it.”

“I feel like I’m taking a random stab at lifting more weights because I keep reading that weights are an important part of losing weight and getting healthy, especially as I get older.”

“My workouts are pretty unfocused; I just do whatever workout I feel like or that fits into the schedule without any real work toward a goal of any kind.

Do you relate to any of these statements? 👆

I feel you.

Figuring out the “right” type of exercise can feel overwhelming and then you second guess whether what you’re doing is worth your time. 🙄

You see hundreds of workout videos on social media that promise tight abs, strong butt… blah blah blah.

Keep it simple.

But first… Embrace the concept already Strength training is WORK.

It should be challenging.

It has to push you OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE to see and feel the benefits.

Metabolic conditioning, or metcon, is an exercise technique designed to improve your body’s energy systems, specifically targeting pathways that contribute to burning calories during and after exercise.

Metcon workouts can be beneficial for everyone BUT this is a game-changer for perimenopausal women dealing with hormonal changes.


  • Metcon causes a hormonal response which may offset some of the effects of declining estrogen during perimenopause.
  • High intensity exercise helps release feel-good endorphins, combating mood swings and promoting mental well-being. (Helpful for everyone!)
  • Additionally, metcon improves insulin sensitivity, important because insulin resistance tends to increase with age.

PRO TIP: Perimenopausal women need more INTENSITY / HEAVIER WEIGHTS to stimulate muscle growth and support insulin sensitivity due to the decrease in hormones. Our bodies are not as efficient as they were when we were in our 20’s.

Heavy weights and intensity can help with weight management and ease the effect of hormonal fluctuations on metabolism.

Different movements also contribute bone health, addressing concerns about osteoporosis during this perimenopausal transition.

In short, metcon has become a powerhouse ally, not only for physical fitness but also for navigating the hormonal roller coaster caused by perimenopause.

So what does a metcon workout look like?

🔥 They are short and intense.

💪🏻 They combine both weights and cardio.

⏱ Always use a timer to stay on target.

Be sure to warm up for 5-10 minutes before you jump into the workout AND budget for 5-10 minutes AFTER to allow for cooldown/stretching to de-stress the body.

Here are some of my favorite circuits:

METCON #1: — Gym or home version

(2 minutes of work: 1 minute of recovery between sets)

  • 5 Deadlifts (using this weight is hard for 5 reps)
  • 5 Elevated Pushups
  • Use the remaining time (60-75 seconds) to work quickly/uncomfortably on the treadmill, rower, stairclimber, elliptical, bike…

Rest for 1 minute. Repeat for 4 more sets. (15 minutes total)

*You should feel spent after this 15 minute circuit. If not, try increasing your intensity with weights or moving faster between the 3 exercises.

METCON #1: — Home version with dumbbells and no access to cardio equipment

(90 seconds of work, 45 seconds of recovery between sets)

Rest for 45 seconds. Repeat 5-8 more sets (10-12 minutes)

METCON #2: — Gym or home version

(Use a timer to track recovery time between sets)

Give yourself 1 minute recovery between sets. Repeat 5-7 sets.

METCON #2: — Home version with dumbbells and no access to cardio equipment

(Use a timer to track recovery time between sets)

Give yourself 30-45 seconds of recovery between sets. Repeat 6-8 sets.

Have you noticed a theme in these metcons?—

  • The first exercise is to use heavy weight load lower body (largest muscle group)
    • squats, deadlifts, KB swings, lunges…
  • The second exercise is a core-centric, upper body exercise
    • push-ups, double bent over/gorilla/renegade row, pullups…
  • The third exercise is a fast, intense CARDIO activity
    • treadmill, rower, stairclimber, elliptical, bike, jumping rope, mountain climber, jumping jacks, running in place

Use this formula to create your own metcon using the equipment you have access to and the time you have to exercise.

And as I instruct my clients, you know you’ve reached the ideal intensity if you’re whispering, “It’s annoying!”.

Xoxo, Cassandra

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