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Our tee-tuck feature allows you to have a coordinated French tuck look with your outfits throughout pregnancy

Here at Seraphine, we’re dedicated to creating products that make your pregnancy journey easier – when it comes to getting dressed, at least!

Our product designers are dedicated to excellence in creating clothes you’ll love, and they regularly create innovative looks to make styling a breeze. Our tee-tuck feature, which you’ll find on our jeans, is no exception.

What is our tee-tuck feature?

Our tee-tuck feature is a simple but very effective little device that allows you to have a neat French tuck that stays in place, even as your bump grows.

Basically, a tee-tuck is a gap about three inches in front (just behind the button-front waistband) of the stretchy maternity band, which you’ll find at the top of our maternity jeans. This space allows you to easily tuck your top in for a more integrated ensemble, which has become known as the ‘French tuck’.

The rest of the maternity band is as stretchy and durable as any of our non-tuck bands, and will offer your bump support while feeling silky soft against the skin.

Stephanie Mackey, who created this beautiful design element, says: “We know our moms want to look beautiful throughout their pregnancy and so we definitely see it as our job to give them the option to style their look with ease and elegance as their bodies change.”

The French tuck

As a reminder, or in case you didn’t know it, French tuck is the name given to the art of tucking a billowy. / oversized shirt in the front and keeps it in the back, giving a very stylish and contemporary silhouette. It was created by British fashion designer Tan France (now living in the USA), who has put it in the spotlight in recent times, although it’s definitely a look that people have been doing for years.

Our styles featuring the tee-tuck:

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