Gift Guide 2023: The Best Gifts for Teachers

Every year, teachers may be my most requested gift guide. As parents, I know we always are so thank them, but it can be hard to find gifts that convey that appreciation without defaulting to another mug. I did a little research and I believe these are teacher gifts Actually want to get accepted this year.

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I designed this gift guide to allow items to stand alone OR be gifted! If your class is making a group gift, choose a few items and display in a basket! Or, gift any of these items to make your teacher’s Holiday season extra special.

1: Classroom Supplies

Classroom supplies are a no brainer and I feel like these dry erase markers run out of ink fast!

2: Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Teachers love to customize their spaces, but often have to be careful not to break the foundation of the classroom. My peel & stick wallpaper is perfect for making spaces more homey, but also easy to remove if I need to!

3: Laminator Machine

This laminator looks great and is under $40! Definitely a handy tool in the classroom.

4: Tide To-Go Stain Remover

Tide To-Go is a life saver, especially if the teacher you’re shopping for teaches younger kids (although older kids stain things too!) they’ll definitely appreciate it.

5: Personal Fan

They had these fans on the set of the QVC+ Wrapping Competition, and they were great! If your teacher works in a building without AC, or watches recess on a hot day, these will definitely come in handy!

6: Big Scarf

In the same respect, but in the winter months, a cozy scarf to bundle up is always a must.

7: Mug warmer

I know teachers often have very long mornings, and no shortage of mugs, so I thought, what’s better than a mug? A mug warmer! This portable hot plate is the perfect classroom companion and can heat up your coffee that could otherwise be cold.

8: Comfortable slippers

These slippers look SO comfortable, and Aerie always dominates in the comfort department. I love the design of these, but they have so many options!

9: Cable Knit Quarter Zip

If you’re close enough to the teacher you’re shopping for to know what size top she’s wearing, this quarter zip is a must-have this Winter. I love it because it’s comfortable like a hoodie, but the cable knit design really elevates it. Pair it with some booties and pants it’s the perfect outfit for a lazy day at work!

10: Keychain

This keychain popped up in my browsing because it was currently on a huge sale, so I figured why not! Everyone’s keys tend to weather too quickly, so a refresh is always nice.

11: Anthropologie socks

Need I say more? Cozy socks, especially in Winter, are always appreciated.

12: Outlet Concealing Power Strip

This power strip is one of my favorite finds on Amazon! It makes organizing cords on your desk a breeze!

13: Leak Proof Brumate

This is the water bottle I have now and I love it! The straw has a leak proof mechanism and my drink is always cold!

14: Live Plants

After chatting with a few teachers, plants sound like a welcome addition to many classrooms or homes! Obviously, make sure you know who you’re shopping for. If the teacher in your life is more of a fake person, I have a bunch of favorites linked here on my home office tour.

15: Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses really make such a difference and this brand has a lot of cool frame options!

16: Keychain Lanyard

This FP Movement lanyard is a great find! Super affordable and cute!

17: Plaid Throw Blanket

It’s from the August drop of my line and it’s on sale right now for $35! Very warm and comfortable!

18: Practical Makeup/Skincare Bag

This makeup bag slides in and out to allow you to see all of your products when preparing without making a mess. The interior is lined to be waterproof, so it is not necessary for only get along If the teacher in your life carries any hair/skin care products, this would be perfect for that too!

19,20: Gift Cards

While I usually steer clear of gift cards, teachers are no exception. Especially with how much they need to fund their own work spaces with their money, Amazon gift cards can go a long way!

21: Trendy Carry

A catch all bag for various knick knacks that need to be shuttled back and forth between home and classroom is always appreciated! I love H&M’s tote selection, if what I linked isn’t your vibe, check out some others!

22: Card Holder

Card holders are great, and I have a feeling that between school IDs and other work-specific cards, teachers will want one just for work! Maybe throw a Starbucks gift card there if you are looking to lift it!

23 + 24: Book Lover Gift Set

These gifts would be the perfect addition to a book lover gift basket! Maybe add a gift card at Barnes & Noble or a local bookstore! And, I know many teachers have personal classroom libraries! Getting a personalized stamp is a thoughtful gift they’ll use for years to come!

I hope I made the teachers proud on this one! Be sure to check out my other holiday gift guides, and have a Happy Holiday ❤️

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