Gift Guide 2023: The Ultimate List For Her

Sometimes the hardest person to shop for…is yourself. Whether you’re doing your own shopping this year or struggling to come up with a wish list…I’ve rounded up my TOP buys this year for the ULTIMATE 2023 Gift Guide For Him!

PS: If you’re looking for more specific guides based on special interest/hobby, I’ll link them here!


For him

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These are the new sneakers I just got that I love! They are neutral but also very trendy so they are the perfect everyday shoe.

2: taste wipe out lip rescue

You guys know this is my absolute go to lip product! I have it a lot – my car, my desk, my purse…everywhere 🤣.

3: Collapsible Walking Pad

This is a recent addition to my office in an effort to beat my seasonal depression. It’s a little early to tell if it’s working, but it’s definitely working in helping me get in my stride! And the collapsable aspect is very convenient (see my demo here).

4: Best Vacation Booties

I’ve been talking about these shoes on my IG for the past few weeks and you guys agree – they are the BEST! This would make a great gift to receive on Christmas morning that the recipient can use that same day! Or even for NYE!

5: My New Favorite Vacuum

Guys this vacuum is THE BEST! Trust me… the best. Check out my highlight on my IG here!

6: Spill Proof Tumbler

This tumbler is sure to find its way onto every gift guide 🤣 And for good reason!

7: CBD Gift Set

I have already talked about this brand many on my Instagram (see here) and I LOVE them. I really can’t stress enough how much these gummies help me with my anxiety throughout the day. high high recommend.

Use the code ‘laurmcbrideblog’ at checkout for a discount!

8: Jeans shorts

These shorts are a Summer find that you will love as much as I do! If the gift recipient is a warm weather lover like me, they will love these shorts!

9: My Favorite Headphones

Again – these headphones open every gift guide 🤣 Don’t forget, Beats has two versions of this, so make sure see both.

10: Urban Decay Hydromaniac Tinted Moisturizer

This is one of my go-to makeup products for everyday. It’s a tinted moisturizer Really moisturizes. A great addition to any makeup routine.

11: My Favorite Leggings

These are my hands favorite workout leggings. Can’t sing enough praises!

12: Luxury Skin Care

I love my Barefaced products sooo many (see my skin care routine here). While the products are higher budget than others, I can really see such a difference in my skin!

Use code ‘LAURENM10’ at checkout for 10% off!

13: My Favorite Short Overalls

They are another great addition to a warm weather wardrobe! I have never found shortalls that fit like this!

14: Wide Leg Jeans

You know I’ve been a skinny and straight leg jeans warrior for years, but recently I’ve joined the wide leg jeans trend and I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back 🤣🤣🤣 That’s how they are. comfortable!!

15: Digestive Supplements

I often talk about my Hilma supplements on my IG! As you (may) know, I am dairy and gluten free due to my sensitive stomach. Even with those precautions, I still faced some ~tummy~ problems if you catch my drift 🤣 Hilma’s Gas & Bloat Relief is a life saver!

Use code LAUR20 for a discount at checkout!

16: Free People Tote

Free People can do no wrong when it comes to purses. Love this tote!

17: Favorite Amazon Heels

These heels are great, even if you’re not usually a heels girl! Super comfy and easy to walk in!

18: Comfortable Robe

I mentioned this robe on my IG story a few weeks ago because it’s the perfect gift for anyone in the house who gets cold easily! I love the texture and I know I will have it come Christmas morning!

Use code MCBRIDE15 for 15% off your order!/ Free shipping on orders $75+

19: Best Space Heater

There are a few things I rely on as often as my Dyson Space Heater. I’m using it right now as I write this (and more than likely by the time you’re reading this too 🤣)! It really helps to heat up my space quickly.

20: Go-To Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is mine favorite! If you follow me on IG you know I love this one more than anything else!

21: Seamless Bra

This seamless bra is one of your boys’ favorite shares I’ve ever made! The material is SO soft, it’s the best way to go braless without actually going braless.

22: Comfortable (Wearable Blanket)

Comfy is one of my top recommendations this year! This is a wearable blanket PERFECT for all your warm-blooded loved ones.

23: Kindle

I LOVE my Kindle! I have shared it so many times, and I love this clear case because I can customize it with stickers!

24: Colorescience Total Eye™ 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35

This item is my true secret weapon. Along with a consistent skin care routine, I use it all the time!

25: Best slippers

This is THE Winter staple for me, I wear these shoes everyday around the house.

26: New Outdoor Loveseat

This loveseat is a new addition to our Villa in St. John! It’s a great place to hang out and relax outside, so again, if your recipient loves warm weather, this is for them!

I hope this is helpful for everyone struggling to build their wish lists this year! Be sure to check out my other holiday gift guides, and have a Happy Holiday ❤️

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