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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has revised and updated its fertility laws, which now allow for legal surrogacy, as well as IVF, for unmarried, non-Muslim couples. This is seen as a commitment to tolerance and inclusiveness, as these practices were once illegal. There are still caveats and restrictions on the options couples have, but they can begin to move forward in creating a family in ways that were previously closed to them.

Laws surrounding egg freezing and IVF have both been relaxed, and non-Muslim couples can now look to family planning that includes these options. However, the egg and sperm used for IVF must come from the couple who want to have a child, and donors are not allowed. This is true of IVF and also of surrogacy, which ensures that the child created is biologically tied to their parents.

A clause criminalizing surrogacy was removed during updates to the law, and it is now legal for another woman to carry a child for a non-Muslim couple in some cases. There are still requirements for permission from UAE regulators, however, for any couple wishing to use a surrogate. Once approved, the procedure can proceed. Although this is still quite restrictive, it opens up an option that was previously completely closed to couples living in the UAE.

Additionally, couples do not have to be married to use IVF, or to freeze and preserve embryos and eggs. Egg freezing was allowed in 2021, but only for couples. The new relaxed regulations mean that more couples can have children out of wedlock, as not all couples want to get married. Embryos and eggs can both be preserved for up to five years, and there are options for extensions depending on circumstances.

There are more single, non-Muslim couples in the country today, and with that comes a growing need for these services. Now the UAE sees it as the time for change, allowing more partners to become parents. The changes will also help boost medical tourism and support the area’s economy, so it has value for more than couples who want to become parents.

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