The VA in Atlanta is Throwing Drive Thru Baby Showers for Veterans

Although baby showers do happen, they are usually planned and coordinated by family and friends. In Atlanta, the VA has decided it will offer more outreach to pregnant women who have served their country. It started as small showers for women’s groups at one time, but then the pandemic happened.

Because spending time in person isn’t as safe or convenient as it used to be, the VA has changed how they handle the issue. They started doing drive-thru showers, with one every three months. During the shower, pregnant veterans can go to the main entrance and pick up cheers, a free diaper bag, and other baby items.

Pregnant veterans are more common than ever, now that more women are part of the military. But like many other expectant women, they may not be fully prepared with everything they need for their child. Especially if it’s their first pregnancy, getting everything a baby needs can be overwhelming financially and in other ways.

It’s not just about gifts or applause, though. It’s also about building a relationship between the maternity care team at the VA and the pregnant veteran, so the birth is safer and less complicated. Every pregnant veteran in the program has a maternity care coordinator to help make sure they get a prenatal checkup, and see a specialist if they need to.

While it would be great to have every pregnant veteran in the program, that is not possible. Instead, the VA focuses on high-risk pregnancies, such as women with multiples such as twins or triplets, or those with service-connected disabilities that make having children difficult.

These types of programs can help expectant mothers and their children stay healthy, and reduce problems during their pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy is stressful on the body, but it can also affect mental health. Because anxiety, depression, and PTSD are so common among veterans, the Atlanta VA is taking steps to make it easier for these veterans to get the care they need and bring a healthy baby into the world.

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