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With a Toy Story-themed baby shower, you can create a magical and unforgettable celebration that captures the spirit of friendship, adventure, and imagination from the beloved Pixar films.

Toy Story Baby Shower Invitation

Design invitations featuring iconic Toy Story characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and the Little Green Aliens. Use phrases like “To Infinity and Beyond, Baby!” or “You Have a Friend With Me… and the New Baby!” to set the theme and generate excitement among the guests.

Toy Story Baby Shower Decorations

Transform the party space into Andy’s room with Toy Story-themed decorations like colorful bunting, balloons, and banners featuring pictures of Woody, Buzz, and other characters. Hang large cutouts of famous Toy Story toys like Mr. Potato Head, Rex, and Slinky Dog on the ceiling or on the walls to add to the playful atmosphere.

pastel toy story baby shower

Toy Story themed Balloon Arch

Build a balloon arch using red, yellow, blue, and cow-printed balloons to match the colors of Woody’s outfit. Add green balloons for an extra pop of color, representing the Aliens from Pizza Planet. Place the balloon arch at the party entrance to welcome guests into the Toy Story universe.


Toy Story themed Table Centerpieces

Create charming table centerpieces with Toy Story toys and figurines. Arrange a collection of Woody, Buzz, and other characters in the center of each table, surrounded by colorful confetti or toy blocks. Alternatively, fill glass jars with toy soldiers or green army men to represent army troops.

toy story themed party box centerpiece idea
story toy table cowboy theme

Toy Story themed Signs and Posters

Place Toy Story themed signs and posters throughout the party space to enhance the theme. Use phrases like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” or “To Infinity and Beyond” to evoke the spirit of friendship and adventure from the movie. Include images of iconic Toy Story toys and characters to bring everything together.

Toy Story Baby Shower Activities

Organize Toy Story-themed games and activities to entertain guests. Ideas include a “Toy Story Trivia” quiz, a “Pass the Parcel” game with Toy Story-themed prizes, and a “Guess the Baby Toy” game where guests bring in their favorite toys when they were young and the mother-to-be had to guess. who brought each other.

Toy Story Baby Shower Food and Drink

Serve a variety of Toy Story-inspired snacks and treats like Sheriff Woody’s BBQ bites (mini sliders), Buzz Lightyear’s Galactic Pizza, and Mr. Potato Head’s Veggie Platter (crudites).

Toy Story Themed baby shower treats

For treats, you can bake cupcakes with green frosting and decorate them with candy eyes to resemble the Little Green Aliens from Pizza Planet. Add a fondant or candy antenna on top for extra whimsy.


For drinks, you can set up a drink station, the “Space Ranger Juice Bar” with colorful fruit juices and sodas. Label each drink with fun names like “Rocket Fuel Punch,” “Alien Green Apple Juice,” and “Buzz Lightyear Blastoff Lemonade.

Toy Story Baby Shower Favors

Send guests home with Toy Story-themed baby showers like mini Toy Story figurines, personalized Toy Story keychains, or bags of popcorn labeled “Andy’s Favorite Snack.” These favors will serve as souvenirs of the special day and remind guests of the fun they had celebrating the new arrival.

Toy Story Party Collection

Check out these amazing Toy Story themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their details below the picture! Have fun and get inspired!

boy story baby shower mommy to be chair
woody in the box centerpiece
toy story themed baby shower dessert table
this is a boy story decorations
elegant toy story themed baby shower setup
decoration. party
fun toy story baby shower
darling toy story baby shower cookies
fun toy story
Toy Story cake for Little One on the Way
amazing toy story themed baby shower celebration decors
toy story balloon garland
man story dessert table backdrop
boy story baby shower guest table centerpieces
ar_events, elaneluxuriousevents
so much fun toy story themed baby shower
Toy Story Cash Story Baby Shower Chocolate Covered Pretzels
boy story baby shower table centerpieces
cute boy toy story baby shower
new sheriff in town cookies

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