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Tricks & Tips for the best Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Shower

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a favorite movie for many families. Whether expectant parents want to get an early start by introducing their little one to their favorite movie, or just want to playfully call their baby a little “nightmare,” this theme is a fun, creative, upbeat way to attract your child to everyone’s attention. !

On this blog, we share great food ideas, Nightmare Before Christmas baby shower decorations, and everything else you need to know to curate an unforgettable shower.

Hosting the Nightmare Before Christmas Baby Shower

A Nightmare Before Christmas baby shower is a unique and wonderfully unconventional Christmas theme. For fans of Tim Burton’s classic, this exciting theme combines an element of Halloween with the joy of welcoming a new baby. Not to mention The Nightmare Before Christmas was just voted for preservation in the US National Film Registry, so your urge is right on trend!

Nightmare Before Christmas Shower Website

For expectant parents with family and loved ones out of town, a virtual baby shower is a useful add-on to your in-person event. Important details like registry and baby information are stored in one place (no hunting for links!) and your themes and invitations can be personalized like an in-person shower.

To recreate a website with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, you can upload any background you want and completely edit the color palette and fonts for the right look. You can use colors like black, red, white and purple to mimic the elements of the film – feel free to use this time to use your creativity!

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Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie Treat Ideas

Food and treats are a great way to get your guests excited about the theme. Here are some movie-inspired treat ideas:

  • Jack Skellington chocolate-dipped cookies will be a party hit. Grab a pack of oreos, dip them in white chocolate and use your best imagination to paint Jack Skellington’s face with black dye icing.
  • Oogie Boogie Cupcakes – you’ll never forget the evil Oogie Boogie. Using chocolate muffin batter, green food coloring for the cream, and black dye icing, this “mud” filled cupcake will make all parents and kids smile.
  • Jack Skellington Pumpkin Cookies – get the party started with delicious pumpkin cookies topped with pumpkin buttercream frosting and decorated with any of the classic scenes or poses from the movie.
  • The Jack Skellington Cheese Ball is made from a traditional cheese ball recipe and usually requires cream cheese, bacon bits, and a few other ingredients to make it a guest favorite.

Specifically themed and traditional Baby Shower Games

Next on the list, we’re sharing baby shower games that fit this exciting theme, such as:

Nightmare Before Christmas bingo

Bingo is the ultimate baby shower game – it’s simple, and everyone can join in. For a free version, here’s this fun resource from Musings of an Ordinary Mom for printable bingo cards. Additionally, you can offer the magic of Nightmare Before Christmas with bilingual Loteria version of Nightmare Before Christmas. This collectible has beautiful artwork and illustrations of characters and references from the movie as well as other artwork inspired by Spanish words and Mexican culture.

“Don’t tell baby” game

This game is sure to make your guests and the expectant parents laugh out loud! The challenge is to make it through the entire shower without saying the word “baby” – surprisingly difficult while at a baby shower. Everyone has at least one pin when they arrive. Any time someone hears a visitor say the word “baby,” that person’s pin can be stolen. For a more comprehensive overview of how to play the game (and how to win), check out this blog post.

“How big is mommy’s stomach” guessing game

This game where you measure the expectant mommy’s tummy is a sweet way to highlight baby and mom without getting too up close and personal. For expectant mamas who don’t mind measuring and sharing their bump, this game is one of those long-standing traditional shower games that has stood the test of time. People are often fascinated by a woman’s baby bump and the size of what it measures. Here is a great resource with simple items you will need to play this game.

Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations to Set the Scene

wbs nightmare before christmas baby shower

Baby shower decorations are necessary to capture the true spirit of the “Nightmare Before Christmas. We’re going to share some easy ways for you to create that special, spooky and unique shower mood.

Jack and Sally are flower vases

They’re a simple, yet fun way to recreate expectant parents’ favorite scenes from the movie. These themed flower vases can be DIY – using a clear vase from any bargain store to paint! You can also find specific vases on Etsy and other crafting platforms, if that’s easier for you.

Jack Skellington cheesecloth

Inspired by the movie, torn cheesecloth decorated with Jack Skellington heads, or scenes and expressions from the movie itself, is a great way to bring nostalgia and horror into the space. Here is one quite affordable and accessible option from Amazon.

Themed tablecloths and centerpieces

Themed tablecloths and centerpieces are another way to recreate a Nightmare Before Christmas baby shower. A great way to create a cohesive look and mood at the shower is to choose tablecloths and centerpieces that match the color palette of the movie.

Party Favors for Guests

wbs nightmare before christmas baby shower

Party favor ideas add such a surprise element for your guests that are sure to delight them. Here are some ideas for keeping party favors budget-friendly and on-theme.

Jack Skellington party favor bags

There are many options and adorable styles for favor bags with Jack Skellington’s face, just do a quick search online to find them! Keeping in mind the ages of any children attending the shower, some ideas to fill the bag could be themed candies, stickers, pencils, cards, and decorations.

Oogie Boogie party favor bag filled with bug candy

Oogie Boogie party favor bags are sure to be a hit with kids! When we think of Oogie Boogie party favors, we think of bug candy, erasers with cute spiders, dyed popcorn, keychains, and stickers. Have fun making this very ghoul-friendly and spooky bag!

Invitations and Music

To add an extra Nightmare Before Christmas element, add themed invitations and music selections from the movie to set the tone for the shower. Design an invitation with a picture of Jack Skellington or Oogie Boogie, with fonts that just scream scary, and don’t forget to make a playlist with the most famous songs from the movie soundtrack!

Cake and Dessert Ideas

wbs nightmare before christmas baby shower

Themed cakes and desserts are a great way to build on the movie theme for the shower.

Nightmare Before Christmas-themed diaper cake

They are perfect centerpieces, and also a very practical baby shower gift to boot! To get started, you’ll need a bunch of diapers, potentially a character or two to center the cake around, and relevant stickers and spooky elements to build around the character selection. For a creative, DIY diaper cake, here’s one coffin shaped cake on TikTok for inspiration!

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” cake topper

A cake topper with the saying “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a great way to tie the theme together. We recommend finding a topper that matches the colors of your current decorations and themed desserts. For a Jack Skellington cake topper, we like creative inspiration from Zoe’s Fancy Cake.

Gift Ideas for Mom-to-Be

For guests attending the shower, we love gift ideas that go with the theme. Here are two ideas that come up for our top 44 must-have gift ideas: a monthly growth calendar blanket with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme and a similar baby blanket made from organic yarn that’s safe for baby We love the idea of ​​bringing this theme into the little one’s life beyond the shower.

Embracing the unconventional

When planning a baby shower, we encourage expectant parents to embrace their unique style. Not only will it be a very special memory for the family, guests will love the creativity and experience the unique interests of the parents. In this case, a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme offers a fun way to celebrate new life with whimsy and silly scares!

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