Trump Leads Biden in Polls Despite Biden Spending Millions on TV Ads

Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee have spent millions on television ads this year to boost the president’s image, but polling for the president has remained unfavorable.

Biden and the DNC spent about $7 million on positive TV ads this year, along with less than $100,000 on TV messaging aimed at attacking former President Donald Trump, Politico reported. A Gallup poll released on Oct. 26 found that Biden’s approval had dropped four points to 37%, tying his record low, and a New York Times/Siena College poll released on Nov. 5 found that Trump leads the vote over Biden in five of six swing states.

If the NYT/Siena poll were accurate and the election were held today, Trump would likely win about 300 electoral votes, according to the NYT.

The $7 million does not get digital ads or Spanish-language ads attacking Republicans, according to Politico. Biden ran TV ads focusing on what he was saying two parties, blue collar background and job creation.

“Well, we spent all this time trying to explain all the great things he did, the bipartisan things he did, and it didn’t boost his numbers. So maybe we should go to plan B at this point,” an anonymous Biden donor told Politico.

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A Biden campaign memo got by The Associated Press on Nov. 4 says “Joe Biden’s 2020 message remains popular with voters and central to this campaign.”

“The president and vice president have a strong message that resonates with voters, a clear contrast to anyone nominated by the MAGA Republican Party,” according to the memo.

A spokesperson for the Biden campaign told Politico that the campaign has no plans to change its advertising strategy.

While Biden appears to be struggling in public opinion, the president’s fundraising numbers have surpassed Trump’s.

Biden raised more money than Trump in the second and third quarters of 2023, according in The Wall Street Journal.

Biden raised $72 million in the second quarter, compared to Trump’s $35 million, and $71 million in the third quarter to Trump’s $45.5 million.

The Trump and Biden campaigns did not immediately respond to Daily Caller News Foundation requests for comment.

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