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A Twix-themed baby shower is a perfect choice for a twin baby shower, as it plays off the “twins” theme with its name and delicious caramel and chocolate combination. Here are some Twix themed baby shower ideas tailored specifically for a twin baby shower!


Twix Twin Baby Shower Invitations

Design custom invitations that incorporate the concept of twins, with a Twix candy bar theme. You can use words like “Double the Fun, Double the Joy! Join us at the Twix Twin Baby Shower” or “Two Sweet Peas on the Way! A Twix Twin Baby Shower to Celebrate the Day!” Use colors that match Twix candy bars, such as caramel brown and chocolate brown, and include Twix bar images or Twix-inspired graphics.

Free Twin Twix Baby Shower Printables

Free Twin Twix Baby Shower Printables

Twix Twin Baby Shower Decorations

Decorate the baby shower venue with Twix-themed decorations that highlight the twin theme. You can use pairs of Twix candy bars as centerpieces, create a “Twix Twins” backdrop, or use Twix-themed banners and balloons that emphasize the concept of twins.

Twix Twin Dessert Table

Create a dessert table with Twix-inspired treats doubled to represent the twin theme. For example, you can have Twix cupcakes in pairs, Twix cookies arranged in sets of two, and a double-layered Twix cake. Decorate the table with Twix candy bars, caramel drizzle, and chocolate accents.

twins twix baby shower cake

Twix Twin Diaper Cake

Make a diaper cake that resembles two Twix candy bars side by side to represent the twin theme. Stack the diaper rolls and wrap them with ribbon to resemble layers of Twix bars, and then attach the Twix bars to the ribbon or use them to decorate the diaper cake.

Twix Twin Gender Reveal

If you’re including a gender reveal at your twin baby shower, you can use Twix bars to reveal the genders of both twins. For example, you can dip Twix bars in pink and blue chocolate and use them as a surprise reveal in a gender reveal cake or as part of a gender reveal game that involves guessing the gender of both twins.

Twix Twin Baby Shower Games

Incorporate Twix candy bars into baby shower games with a twin twist. For example, you could have a “Double the Twix” game where guests have to unwrap two Twix bars with gloves on, or a “Twix Twin Trivia” game where guests have to answer related questions to the twins to win Twix bars as prizes.

Twix Twin Baby Shower Favors

Send guests home with Twix-themed favors doubled up to represent the twins. You can give pairs of mini Twix candy bars, Twix-inspired cookies arranged in twos, or even create custom “Twix Twins” favor tags for favors.

Another fun idea is to make Twix Cigars with a cute wrapper with a message to thank guests for showering the mommy-to-be!

Remember to consider the wishes of the parents-to-be and any dietary restrictions or allergies of the guests when planning a Twix themed baby shower! Have fun and enjoy delicious food while celebrating the arrival of baby twins!

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