Utah sisters give birth the same day, with even more surprises in store

It’s pretty common for sisters to share a wardrobe or clothes — but what about their birthday? Utah sisters Marissa Deering and Mallory Averett happened to discover their pregnancies at the same time and then give birth within hours of each other. They feel that sharing one more thing together as siblings has brought them closer together.

“We both had the same symptoms, the same cravings, [and] we both ended up with gestational diabetes. Like, yeah, they were identical pregnancies,” Averett explained.

Deering recalls that she would send her sister snapchats about her crush and Averett would reply, “Shut up, that’s what I want!”

Their estimated due dates were days apart, but the babies were its ready to make their appearance together. Baby Angelo Deering was born at 12:08 a.m. on February 8, and baby Maisyn Averett was born just before midnight, nearly 12 hours later that same day — and both babies are the same birth weight.

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The hospitals were several hours apart, including the Deerings in West Jordon, Utah, and the Averetts in Price, Utah. Grandma Carol Deering drove quickly between hospitals, hoping to make it to both births.

“I’m a little nervous that I won’t go to any of them… [W]I am truly blessed to have them both here and both healthy, and both 6lbs 7oz.”

During pregnancy, the sisters joke that one of them might give birth to twins because their mother is a twin, but neither is very excited about the idea of ​​giving birth to twins. Instead, they hope their babies will be born close together instead of twins.

“So we were both like, ‘Oh my gosh, what if we’re gonna have twins? And [Deering’s] like, ‘Well, we’ll have them on the same day and that will count as twins,’” ​​laughed Averett.

Growing up, the sisters were, in their words, “very, very, opposites,” and fought “all the time.” But Deering felt the perfect timing of the pregnancy brought her closer to her sister and “just made me realize what an amazing person she is.”

Families have a lot to look forward to as they appreciate double the beauty and double the love.

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