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What games to play at a Baby Shower

What games to play at a Baby Shower is something we hear a lot about! When planning a Baby Shower, you need to consider the decor, food, location, and games. Don’t forget the games!

Why play at a Baby Shower?

Strictly speaking, you don’t need a game, you need a program. Your guests may not know each other. Even if they do, talking for hours can be daunting for some and a challenge for most of us.

Of course, playing games at a Baby Shower is a great way to break the ice, to keep the conversation flowing and laughter filling the air.

Plus, you know, they’re fun!

If you don’t want to play, check out the end of this post for great non-game ideas.

How many games should be played at the Baby Shower?

A typical Baby Shower lasts 2 – 3 hours. Any more than that and the visitors start to get restless. So keep it short and sweet.

You want to give your guests time to relax and chat without being overly scheduled. You’re looking at about an hour’s worth of entertainment. Think about how long each game will take and then pick a few more because things may run faster than expected or a game may not start at all.

What Games to Play at Baby Shower – Best Baby Shower Games

So, what games to play at the Baby Shower? Well, these games are so much fun, you’ll want to keep them on hand for a girls’ night out baby or no baby!

Baby Bingo

Print out, or make your own, some bingo cards.

There are several variations of this game. Just choose the one that tickles your fancy. Ask guests to fill in the squares with either gifts they think you’ll get at the shower, or baby items you put in a bag.

When you open your presents or take things out of the bag, guests will check their squares. Since they made their own bingo board, you’ll have a diverse array of cards for added competition!

Who Knows Mommy Best?

First, make a list of questions about the Mom-to-be, make them multiple choice or leave them open-ended. Guests write in their answers and once they’ve tallied their scores, you’ll find out who knows mommy better!

Be sure to double check your answers with mom before the party. At my bridal shower, we played a variation of this game, it was multiple choice and the friend who took the quiz didn’t even know me!

Find the Guest

This can be a where’s wally style collage of all your guests, where everyone has to find specific people, either in individual photos or on a large display.

Also, it can be played as a game where pulling statements from the hat, the guests have to find the guest who told them.

Nursery rhymes

This game takes 5 minutes to prepare on spotify or youtube and is a fun skip down memory lane.

Play the nursery rhymes clips and see who can guess first! For a variation, use pop songs from when mom was a baby.

He said/she said

Write the statements from mom and dad. Give all guests two colored cards, one for mom, one for dad. After reading each statement, they should hold up a card depending on whether they think mom or dad said it.

guess who

A really cool idea, is to ask your guests to send or bring pictures of their babies. You can hold them individually or display them and give guests a card to write down their predictions. The object of the game is to try and figure out who the baby is!

Pacifier bobbing

Place 4 or 5 pacifiers in a bowl of water, tie the participants’ hands behind their backs and see who can save the most pacifiers with their teeth!

Spoon feeding

This game is a total riot! Gather the guests and let them, in pairs, try to feed their partners. Watch the trouble begin! The winner is the pair that manages to finish their feed the fastest, with the least spillage!

Diaper building

Give your guests some toilet roll and safety pins and let them try to make a diaper for each member of their team. Let the fun happen!

Bottle race

Fill some baby bottles and let the guests race to see who can finish first. For an added twist, make the game more competitive by tying their hands behind their backs and feeding them a partner’s bottle.

Because I said so!

Guests write down catchphrases their parents always say and have partygoers work out who said what. If your guests are mainly family, this game can be a real winner.

The price is right

Stage the game show in your living room. Place baby items on stands, or a table. Give the guests price cards and see who knows the true cost of growing a little one?

Bet on the date

A little gamble to up the ante. Due dates are notoriously imprecise. Let visitors bet and bet on the real due date. When the baby is born, it’s time to pay and pay!

What can you do instead of Baby Shower Games?

what can you do instead of baby shower games

If you’re tired of thinking about what games to play at a Baby Shower, maybe games aren’t your style. Maybe you think your guests don’t know each other very well. Or maybe you want a mix of games and activities for your Baby Shower.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of activities to do at a Baby Shower that aren’t games.

Make floral headbands

A Baby Shower is an embrace of the feminine and natural. Have fun and nurture your guest’s creative spirits by making floral headbands. Buy some plain bands, some flowers, and glue for long-lasting bands.

Or splash out on some real blooms and teach guests how to thread the stems. Put a video on youtube to show or flex your teaching muscles and show them yourself.

Bring your own Baby photo to view

Ask guests to bring their baby albums and create a relaxed atmosphere as your loved ones reflect on family history and share silly stories with each other.

Make a time capsule for the Baby

Guests should bring something that they think is embedded in modern life and may be of interest to the baby when they grow up. A few notes add a personal touch. Getting artistic and designing information cards will extend the activity to fill the time.

Write messages for Baby

Give your guests some cute paper – or allow them to decorate themselves. What message do they want to give your baby for each milestone? They should tell them to the baby himself. Visitors can choose one milestone or several such as, starting high school, first break up, exams, graduation, starting uni, driving tests, first job interview, wedding, birthdays such as 13, 16, 17, 18 or 20.

This activity will not only entertain the guests for a moment at your baby shower. The letters will be great memories and hopefully a source of inspiration, love and wisdom as the baby grows.

Diaper raffles

Guests buy packages of diapers and bring them to your baby shower. As they come in, they pick a raffle sticker and stick it on their diaper package.

It’s competitive, it’s fun, someone gets a cheap prize and you get tons of diapers to keep. Yay!

The internet is full of great diaper raffle templates to send to guests to explain the game to them.

Writing a book

Buy a simple guestbook and let each guest write a message and decorate a page. If you leave it in a prominent place, guests can write and decorate throughout the party.

This activity is non-pressured and gives visitors a chance to breathe for 5 minutes to write their page. If things are fizzling out at the end, you can read the book to keep the party going.

Above all, you have a good memory for you and the baby to cherish,

Visitors can write messages that are funny, encouraging or full of wisdom and advice.

Buy some decoration items, not all guests want to draw their own. If there are kids, they will love to color with some markers!

Diaper messages

Inexpensive and fun, this activity will not only fill the time, but keep you going through the first few weeks of raising a child. Guests decorate your diapers with funny or motivational messages or some cute artwork.

Baby’s first ABC

Print or create your own templates and let guests’ creativity run wild!

The goal of this activity is for guests to build a baby’s first ABC book. Each guest takes a page and colors or decorates it and when the Baby Shower is over, you will have a beautiful book for the baby, made by their loved ones. Have guests sign the back of each page with a quick note for you or the baby.

Making a onesie

Just buy some simple onesies and clothing markers. Then give them out to your guests and you have a great baby shower activity!

If you want to up the ante, make it a competition, mom should pick the onesie she likes best.

Plus, this activity is great for adults and little guests.

So, there you have it. Hope this helps you in making our games to play at a Baby Shower!

Baby Shower games are fun. We all love a good game. They are a great way to break the ice between guests who may not know each other or for friends to have a good laugh. Baby shower games will create memories that guests can take home with them to make your baby shower unique.

But if they’re not your thing, then our other options will also make a great party and leave you with great memories to cherish forever.

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