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What’s the Scoop Gender Reveal Party (ice-cream Baby Reveal)!

“What’s the Scoop Gender Reveal Party” is one of the best Gender Reveal themes. Check out this great setup from Top Celebrations and learn how you can recreate this look on your own.

What Scoop Gender Reveal Party Ideas

This What’s the Scoop Gender Reveal is a fun ice cream themed extravaganza!

Check out ice cream-themed cookies, donuts, cream cakes, and cake pops in a buffet spread.

Everything is very symmetrical which is pleasing to the eye and the da Vinci code to beauty. We have all the food, themed, and presented in different colors, blue and pink to keep up the suspense of the Gender Reveal.

The tablecloth was muted, letting the food do all the work but they used a strip of waffle like edging to wrap around the table and look stunning.

ice cream gender reveal cakes

What is Scoop Gender Reveal Party Food

I love these ice cream cupcakes! Wow, these look gorgeous. Top Celebrations took some delicious cupcakes, put a swirl of icing on top, and then used waffle cone triangles and a cherry to complete the look. It just reinforces how you can play with a theme to have fun and have a wide range of foods but it’s so simple, you can prepare them in your own kitchen. Sprinkles just add a whole new dimension.

Remember that parties and themes are all about the little details that bring them to life. And there are lots of fun Gender Reveal Party foods you can serve. Check out our favorites here.

what the scoop gender reveals ideas

Of course, the main centerpiece that all our eyes were drawn to, was the statement cake. We love the way it’s not a giant ice cream. It keeps the party classy and adult and reinforces that although it’s ice cream themed, there are other foods to eat. Once again we have the dual colors on the ice creams but the cake itself is a muted color so you won’t be overwhelmed. Drips on the sides are gorgeous but still simple.

You can also see milkshakes or ice cream sundaes, or pudding here in the background. We wouldn’t recommend actual ice cream unless your guests are going to eat it right away, but something ice cream-esque works perfectly.

what the scoop gender reveals party ideas

What is Scoop Gender Reveal Party Decorations

We love the amazing banner here with an ice cream motif and the name of the party. It’s so fun and cute and you can pull yourself out of it Amazon, $15.99 here.

Look at the arrangement here, elevated food, in circular patterns, crowd pleasing. You can have the best food and the most beautiful cakes but if you make a mess of them on the table, the effect is ruined.

ice cream baby reveal

Also, note how all the food works around the theme. Cupcakes have ice cream icing, cakes are filled with cream. And it all fits into ice cream while still offering variety.

gender shows donuts

For example, donuts are covered in sprinkles, reinforcing the ice cream theme, but they’re still an option other than just gallons of Ben and Jerrys.

ice cream truck cookies

Personalized cookies. They look expensive, look expensive, affordable and really worth it. Personalized cookies are so cute, in this case they fit the theme. They are the centerpieces in themselves. But they also double as food so it’s like a whole party in one cookie. If you are creative, then making themed cookies can be a lot of fun. Or if you have unsteady hands like the rest of us, almost every bakery will make you personalized cookies. Remember – you are buying edible centerpieces! If your local bakery doesn’t make personalized cookies, a quick google search should turn up some that will.

ice cream gender reveal

Top Celebrations their theme here is different. Instead of just plonking ice cream everywhere, they thought about their theme and really pulled it off. We have ice cream trucks, little aprons for ice cream parlor servers to wear. And even ice creams come in different varieties. Themes are great, but keep them interesting by branching out into themed accessories.

And if you’re planning a Gender Reveal party, be sure to check out our easy-to-follow party planning guide.

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