Why do people choose to be a surrogate multiple times? — Colorado Surrogacy

When you decide be a surrogate, you agree to travel. You know its ultimate goal travel helps a person have a baby, but how we get to that goal has always been a mystery. The application process, the medication and transfer, and finally the relationship and the birth of the baby or even babies. All this and much more has created an adventure for so many people to go on together.

The early stages of surrogacy can seem very long, and during this time you are just waiting for records and clinics to check things to see if surrogacy will be possible. When you finally know it’s the chaos, the nervousness almost creates an indescribable feeling. You are excited to start this adventure but at the same time the real work begins you have to start poking yourself for medicine and everything starts to get real. The transition comes and let’s all say it’s complete and you’re pregnant. You did it! Seeing the excitement on those parents’ faces made every needle stroke worth it.

Once the pregnancy begins and you begin to hear that baby’s heartbeat regularly, you begin to create a bond with intended parents that there will never be another. The relationship is unique that no one can have the same relationship as you do with them. The day you deliver and hand over to those parents the baby you helped grow is a feeling that all surrogates will tell you is worth every sleepless night, and like any other pregnancy, it seems like it’s all gone. negative and difficult times.

So, I believe the surrogate does it many times because of the travel. The highs and lows, and the ability to help and create happiness. If you are thinking about having your own surrogacy journey, help withI know there are so many people on our team who want to share their journey with you.

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