Why Going To The Gym Won’t Help You Lose Weight And What To Do Instead!

Hello, Alyssa here!

Yes, I’m filling in for my girl Coach C today.

Not sure where he is, probably out enjoying the sunshine!

But he knows I’m here.

πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» That’s me! Don’t let the smile fool you. I have a rough, determined side!

And it was finally releasing that part of me that changed my body β€” and my life!

That’s why I want to come in and tell you why Coach Cassandra’s Fitness Challenge was the BEST decision I ever made for me AND my family.

Actually mom. No fluff!

I am a mother of three and live in the city of Chicago. (Cassandra’s boys went to school with my son).

Before Coach Cassandra, I was always going to the gym but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

I don’t want to fall into the trap and think, “Well, I’m 40 now and my body only looks like this after 3 kids”, because that’s what society tells you.

The group gym classes helped me maintain but not change my body composition.

I know I need to be more INTENTIONAL with workouts to make changes in my body.

The problem is, I don’t know what to do to get those changes without devoting half a morning or evening to the gym.

Although I believe exercise is important, I feel like I’m DIYing my way through fitness classes and not getting the support or motivation I need.

But Coach Cassandra appeared in my inbox and talked to me. (And he talks to me on Zoom when he cheers me on and corrects my form.) πŸ€—

It’s this kind of personalized attention and accountability that I look for to keep me focused on my fitness goals.

Coach Cassandra is YOUR trainer.

He himself tells you what to do. I just logged into Zoom… on my SILA! #comfort

Even when I go to the gym, I know I need to be more intentional.

Coach C’s 20 minute workout fitness challenge appeals to me.

Within the first two weeks of the challenge, I truly thought a 20 minute workout WAS a game changer. I’ve had actual strength gains with intentional, massive workouts like these.

The convenience of live-streaming classes keeps me consistent.

Here’s just a sampling of the results that started happening for me…

  • I am more confident in my body and I am stronger.
  • I can actually do multiple single leg squats and hold a plank for over two minutes!
  • My clothes fit better.

But even more than that it did for my physical strength. Coach C helped me lead a healthier lifestyle.

I am more body confident and consistent than before the challenge!

My family witnessed my visible strength.

So when I thought about not doing the 30-Day Fitness Challenge – – eek.

I still feel unsupported, unmotivated and going to the gym to make time because that’s what I’m “supposed to do”.

Nah. Uh.

It was time for me to shine and Coach C’s Fitness Challenge is 100% the reason I did it.

Because in just a few short months, I was…

  • learning how to maximize exercise time
  • deliberate about how I structure my workouts
  • modeling an active, healthy lifestyle to my children

…and changing my body composition in less time! πŸ’ͺ🏻

As of April 2021, I am ZERO on those things!

So, I know people change this phrase, but I mean it – it changes lives!

Plus, the support of women in the group. You can’t hide here. You do not want. It’s a compassionate and close-knit crew of super humans who support you every step of the way.

It may all be the same for you, too. That’s why I’m popping in to share my story with you.

Because I bet you’re also ready to be intentional, gain body confidence, and defy society’s norms of what you should look and feel like after having kids.


Then you need to take a place on the WAITLIST in Coach C’s 30-Day Fitness Challenge. (It’s coming in a few weeks!)

I know Cassandra will personally support you all the way.


P.S Know that putting your name on waitlist no obligation, just giving you a chance to score an early enrollment discount before the doors open to everyone…

… as a budget-conscious mom, of course I have to let you know. πŸ˜‰

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