10 Amazing Elf on the Shelf Return Letter Ideas [+Free Printables!]

Jingleflower, our resident elf, is set to return in just a few short days. While I keep things simple by purchasing the Elf Kit, I also appreciate making the Elf on the Shelf return a memorable event for my kids. Not only can I invent reasons why our elf might have stayed, but I also enjoy tradition of the Elf on the Shelf return letter!

Surprisingly, there is a world of innovative Elf on the Shelf return letter ideas out there. Many creative parents have created free printable Elf on the Shelf letters that promote the spirit of Christmas and acts of kindness. Many of the letters even hinted at the expected “good list” as Christmas Eve approaches!

Remember that your Elf may like to come with a small gift or some candy canes to make everyone happy at Christmas!

10 Super Fun Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf Return Letter

Ready to make Christmas Day even more magical? Discover 10 of my favorite ideas for your Elf on the Shelf returns letter below!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I created my own letter and rounded up my favorite examples from the internet so you don’t have to create your own. Cross one more thing off your holiday to-do list and choose your favorite Elf on the Shelf letter from the ones below.

Use My Free Printables!

elf on the shelf return letter

After years of downloading other Elf on the Shelf Return letters to use, this year I decided to make my own that looks straight from the North Pole! This is a Canva Template so you can easily customize the letter.

Elf On The Shelf Return Letter

East Coast Mommy Stationary

East Coast Mommy not only offers adorable Elf on the Shelf ideas but also designs her own stationery. You can download her stationary for free and she provides the text she uses in her letter each year. There’s nothing better than doing all the work for you!

Elf On The Shelf Return Letter

Printables4Mom Customizable Letter

This is an amazing thing! The folks at Printables4Mom have created a format where you can create customizable letters from your elf to your kids. Just visit Printable4Mom, plug in your information, and print! They even offer an email option if you don’t have access to Word to edit your letter.

Shop Elf on the Shelf Favorites!

elf on the shelf printable

Etsy Printables

If you’re not too crafty (like me) Etsy has some adorable options you can order from. Just enter your child’s name, the elf’s name, and VOILA you will receive a customized Elf on the Shelf return letter to print.

elf on the shelf returns letters

A Letter Plus Elf Notes!

Yummy Mummy Kitchen has created the cutest rhyming letters and has elf notes to match. I love that not only can you borrow her free printable letter, but she includes little notes for you to use throughout the season.

Return with this Elf on the Shelf Return Letter

One of the biggest lessons I want to teach my kids is about giving. This sweet Elf on the Shelf Return Letter helps encourage your child to pack a bag of their old toys for donation.

This is a great way to get your child to pack away some old toys they no longer play with, encourage them to put them back, and clear some space for the influx of toys that are about to arrive.

the elf on the shelf welcomes ideas

Get it from the Experts

The creators of Elf on the Shelf themselves have a website full of ideas. There are free printable letters and even dog cookie recipes. Your elf can even make a red carpet comeback while the kids read their letter from the elf experts. The possibilities are endless!

elf on the shelf returns ideas

A Letter and Breakfast plans

Jen, the super creative mom behind The Suburban Mom, not only has an adorable printable you can use but she’s also sharing her elf breakfast ideas. Combine the two and your elf’s homecoming will be an occasion to remember. Print Jen’s letter and see her breakfast plans here.

Elf on the Shelf

Another Cute Elf on the Shelf breakfast return is an adorable pancake breakfast. You can check their full list of ideas back here.

elf on the shelf letter

A Christmas Contract

The genius blogger behind it A Little Moore make a Christmas contract for your kids to fill out when their elf arrives. So much better than just saying “Santa is watching!” 350 times a day!

Whatever letter you choose, have fun with your elf’s return this year. I know not everyone wants to move that smelly every night. Some may even be planning to pretend the elf has a broken leg to keep him in one place. But your kids will remember this Christmas tradition and it will all be worth it!

No need to stress! Work hard for your elf’s return. As long as he’s back, your kids will be treated to another magical year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What day did the Elf on the Shelf return?

Your elf should arrive between the last week of November and December 1st. This is the most popular week of scout elf returns!

Does the elf leave a goodbye letter?

Yes, the Elf on the Shelf usually brings a note upon arrival reminding your family of the tradition and leaves a farewell note on his way out talking about all the memories you made throughout the holiday season.

Does the elf leave notes on a shelf?

Your Elf on the Shelf can leave occasional notes reminding your little ones to behave or do a good deed. They might even leave a note about their mischief!

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Pin for Later – 10 Super Fun Elf on the Shelf Return Letter Ideas

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Jingleflower, our resident elf, is set to return in just a few short days.  While I'm not an over the top Elf-on-the-Shelfer.  (Although I can get a little creative with the reasons why our elf doesn't move.) I want to make the return of the Elf on the Shelf a special moment for my kids.  Here are 10 Super fun ideas for your Elf on the Shelf Return Letter.  #elfontheshelf #love #homedecor #christmas #love #family #christmastree #holiday #holidays #happyholidays #winter #xmas #santa #christmasdecor #christmastime #christmas2019 #holidays2019
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