10 Egg-Cellent Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Every-Bunny Will Love

Announcing your pregnancy is a big moment. You’re probably still dealing with the excitement of getting to know yourself and now it’s time to share your big news with your friends and family!

If the timing is right, you may find yourself looking for ideas for an Easter pregnancy announcement. We’ve got 10 ideas below from Easter egg hunt surprises to social media announcements.

10 Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you are not very photogenic and want a quick photo a nice surprise for you
family and friends, this is a great announcement to use on social media.

Remember, you’ll probably have to wait until you’re 2-3 months pregnant to get an ultrasound picture like this. I have always loved taking care of my pregnancies on my own in the early months
before the big reveal, so waiting has never been an issue for me. Once you get the ultrasound all you have to do is get your easter basket, eggs, and colorful grass.

Spring pregnancy announcements are perfect if you love flowers. To announce your miracle rainbow baby go out and buy fresh or fake flowers In a rainbow color palette. Tulips are particularly tied to spring and Easter.

This pregnancy announcement includes a fun play on words. Plus, everyone loves a good Instagram letterboard post! Your ultrasound will steal the show and you can incorporate your favorite spring flowers.

Your furbaby has now been promoted to a big sister/brother. Grab some bunny ears and take a super cute photo for social media. You can use any sign, but please remember to add that you are looking at the egg! Spring is the perfect time to take photos outside and show off your backyard too.

I like this brother’s idea. A family of three becomes a family of four, and the exciting doubt of what this gender will be next. A fun and simple photo shoot with minimal work and supplies to gather for your pregnancy announcement.

Grab your blackboard and some chalk, which we already have if we have a small one at home. A fun activity before this shoot is finding a big rock with your child getting paint to throw, and marking the date of your soon-to-be little one.

It may just be the colors that scream spring to me, but this is my personal favorite that I will definitely be bookmarking. Spring and Easter come together to thrill your friends and family with this announcement.

Many families have an annual tradition of dyeing eggs with their children. My family always makes this before our big easter egg hunt. In this case, you can just use the eggs you’ve already dyed to make your announcement. Then, all you have to do is head to your local flower shop or grocery store for these beautiful tulips and snap a photo.

Looking for an idea with minimal effort that feels like you’ve been planning it for weeks? Go to Etsy! There are tons of cute customizable pregnancy announcements.

There is such beauty in the simplicity of things. Take one of your plastic Easter eggs and cut out a printout of “Hatching on BABY DUE DATE” to things inside.

I love this easter pregnancy reveal as it mocks cracking open a fortune cookie.

Share the spring and Easter news together in the best ways. Whether you build a bird’s nest from crafts or find one in a nearby tree, it’s super cute and authentic. Subtle colors from eggs, flowers, and bird’s nests embody the best features of spring.

Place your ultrasound on a letter board announcing your pregnancy for an extra personal touch.

If you want an easy to create easter theme for your pregnancy, here is a unique idea. Take your dyed eggs, write your pregnancy announcement, and place them in an egg carton with a special handle like flowers.

I hope these Easter pregnancy announcement ideas have helped inspire you and get you excited about your own announcement. I love that parents-to-be are getting more creative as social media takes over the world and I think it’s a great way to celebrate a growing family!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you announce pregnancy on Easter?

There are so many fun ways to announce a pregnancy at Easter! You can include spring flowers like tulips, dyed Easter eggs, or even a sweet bunny stuffed animal.

How many weeks should you wait before announcing the pregnancy?

It is popular to wait until around 12 weeks to announce a pregnancy, however, I am a strong believer that you should announce whenever you feel comfortable. That may be earlier or later than the usual first trimester mark.

How do you announce pregnancy in the spring?

You can include pastel colors, spring flowers like tulips, dyed Easter eggs, or even a sweet bunny stuffed animal.

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