10 Tips for Enjoying Your Baby’s First Halloween

What should I do for my baby’s first Halloween? Is it OK to trick or treat a baby?

Let me start by saying that Halloween with a newborn often looks different than Halloween with a one-year-old, but I think these tips are general enough that they can be tweak and apply across the board.

1. Keep expectations low

Your baby won’t remember their first Halloween, so think of it as an introduction rather than a full event.

For my kids, the sweet spot for Halloween is between ages 5 – 12, and it’s not until they’re toddlers that they understand the concept, so don’t sweat it if your baby’s first Halloween doesn’t happen.

2. Choose a baby costume

If you’re dressing up your baby, think about soft and cozy baby Halloween costumes for their first time out. Pajamas, a fun onesie, bodysuit, or costume headbands easily fit the bill.

Watch out for costumes with small parts that can be a choking hazard and consider using non-toxic face paint instead of masks, which can restrict breathing (and can irritate crabby babies).

3. Dress in layers

If you live in a hot or cold place, make sure you can add or remove elements of your baby’s costume so they don’t get cold or overheat. If you’re going to a Halloween party, make sure you pack extra clothes and the usual stuff in case you get winded or change a diaper.

If you’re dressing up, make sure you’re comfortable too, because you’ll probably be carrying this little pumpkin around.

4. Go early

Generally, most trick-or-treating starts after dark (around 5:30 or 6:00, where I live). If you’re going door-to-door, get out before the big kids are out there and before you creep up close to bedtime to keep Halloween fun.

5. Keep it short

A fun adventure can go south pretty quickly if something unexpected or scary happens. Plus, walking through three houses is like three football fields when you’re little, so keep the trick-or-treating short and close to the house so you can pull the chute when the wheels come off.

6. Prepare for pooping

Older siblings may not like to cut off the night, so bring a stroller or baby carrier to free your hands and give your baby a break. If your baby is really young, consider making a family Halloween costume that includes your carrier, a wagon, or a stroller.

7. Skip the scary stuff

Houses with scary decorations or loud noises can be really scary, so just skip them. There are many years to come where they want those things and the goal is to have fun and not have phobias or therapy sessions in the future. Also, consider baby-friendly Halloween events in your community, such as costume parades or pumpkin patch visits.

8. Take pictures and videos

As a mom, I saw all the first Halloweens as a blur because I was tired and worn out from being in the baby trenches, so I treasure all the photos I took during those years.

Have a photo shoot with your baby’s first Halloween costume, carve pumpkins, or any other Halloween fun so you can look back on them once you get another good night’s sleep.

9. Yes, you can skip trick-or-treating

Don’t feel like you have to go door-to-door if you don’t want to or if you live in an area that isn’t trick-or-treating friendly. Consider hosting a Halloween-themed playdate at your house and invite other babies and parents or family and friends.

10. Enjoy other Halloween activities

Pick up some Halloween books, explore and touch the pumpkins and colorful leaves, or check out the Halloween decorations around in the not-so-scary daylight. Think about doing some Halloween themed art work or art like handprint/pumpkin painting or eating some diced apples while watching Harry Potter on the couch.

Don’t be afraid of your baby’s first Halloween!

If they are shocked, do it slowly. It will be years before they fully embrace the fun of Halloween, so don’t sweat it if they aren’t on board the first time out. I mean, it’s a pretty weird concept to walk up to a stranger’s door, not come in, grab something you could choke on, and then leave.

Personally, I used my baby as a cute prop to get candy for myself for the first two years – “he likes cheesies best!” – so don’t overthink it and have fun!

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