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11 Baby Shower Games that are Super-Easy & Fun

Baby shower games are a great way to keep your party interesting.

But you have to be inclusive in how you plan your games. Make sure you include games suitable for everyone invited – from your best friend to your great-grandmother! Good choices are games that require little movement or that people can play from the comfort of a chair.

Not sure which activities to include during your baby shower? We’ve compiled a list of easy baby shower games that anyone can play.

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11 Easy Baby Shower Games

We’ve curated a list of easy baby shower games, from games that test your guests’ baby animal trivia to ones that elicit giggles. Check out these games that are great for anyone.

Baby Bingo

You’ll hear lots of baby-related words and phrases at the shower, including diaper, pacifier, stroller, due date, and more. Make bingo cards using these common baby shower words and pass them out to guests. As each word is said in the shower, guests mark the boxes on their cards to get bingo and win a prize.

Baby Shower Gift Bingo

Make gift opening more engaging for guests with baby shower gift bingo.

Make bingo cards for each of your guests. The cards should include possible shower gifts in each box, such as a ‘diaper bag’, ‘bottle’, or ‘onesie’.

You can fill in the squares first, or pass out blank cards so guests can guess what the parents-to-be will receive. As each gift is opened, guests mark their bingo cards to win a prize.

webbabyshower printable baby shower gift bingo games

The price is right

Do your guests know the cost of a package of diapers, baby food, or a popular baby toy? In the Price is Right baby shower game, display slides of different baby items, giving guests a variety of price options to choose from. Record the correct answers as you go. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

webbabyshower the price is right game printable snip

Baby Animal Game

Most visitors will know that a baby dog ​​is a puppy, but will they know that a baby oyster is called a spit? Hand out cards to your guests that feature the animal’s name in one column and the name of its offspring in the other. Set a timer and ask guests to match as many baby animal names as possible. The guest with the most correct matches is the winner.

webbabyshower game baby animals

Baby Word Scramble

We love these easy baby shower games that any guest can play. Give each of your guests a list of scrambled baby-related words, such as diaper, feeding, blanket, and more. Set a timer, and guests will try to unscramble as many words as possible. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

webbabyshower printable baby shower games word scramble

Name that Tune

Name That Tune is an easy baby shower game that gives guests a sense of nostalgia. Play snippets of popular lullabies or nursery rhymes, and give guests time to write the song title or the rest of the lyrics. Check the answers at the end of the game to see who got the most correct.

webbabyshower name the baby tune game printable snip

Diaper Raffle

The Diaper Raffle is a great way for parents to stock up on diapers before their baby arrives. Guests will be encouraged to bring packages of diapers in various sizes to the shower for a chance to win a prize. Guests who bring two or three packs of diapers will have an additional chance to win. Draw a winner at random during your baby shower.

webbabyshower printable baby shower games diaper raffle

Baby Name Game

Give the guests a pen and paper and have them write down as many baby names as possible that start with a certain letter. Set a time limit and see who can guess the most names. With different generations at your shower, it’s fun to see what your guests come up with—the guest with the most names on their sheet wins. You can also give extra points for creativity.

Predict Baby Food

Remove the labels from some jars of baby food, from bananas and apples to peas and green beans. Provide a bunch of small spoons and have guests taste each baby food, then write their predictions for each flavor. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

Baby Photo Game

Ask each guest to bring a picture of their babies to your baby shower for this easy baby shower game. Show each picture and have everyone guess which baby picture belongs to which guest. Give a prize to the person with the most correct answers.

Role of Diapers

This skill game will bring out the giggles. Set up a table with diapers and baby dolls. Set a timer, and guests race to see who can change their doll’s diaper the fastest. You can play it as teams or individually. The fastest visitors are the winners.

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