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Young Mainers: Know Your Rights!

January 8, 2020

Abortion, Birth Control, HIV/AIDS, Sex Ed

Pop quiz: Carmen is 14 years old, lives in Maine, and wants to get birth control, but doesn’t want to ask their parents. Can Carmen get a birth control method without their parents?

Answer: Yes!

Maine law empowers young people to take control of their sexual and reproductive health. Minors in Maine are allowed to give their informed consent for certain health services such as contraceptive care or STD/STI testing and treatment. Knowing their rights can help young people make healthy and informed decisions.

That’s why Maine Family Planning’s Prevention Program was created Minors’ Rights: A Guide to Confidential Health Care in Maine. This easy-to-use pamphlet is an excellent resource for school nurses, health and sexuality educators, and adults who work with youth in other non-school settings.

Inside, we’ve provided key facts about minors’ rights:
– birth control information and services,
– emergency contraception,
– diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and/or HIV,
– health services in case of sexual assault,
– abortion care, and
– mental health and substance use treatment.

Generally, all of these services are available to Maine youth without the need for parental/guardian consent or notification.

Furthermore, services provided and information shared during such visits are retained private and confidential. (If a minor is using insurance for services, they should always check with the insurance company to find out what information is shared on insurance claims and billing.)

Many young people choose to involve a safe adult in their health care decisions. Some cannot do this. Sometimes, young people don’t get the health care they need because they’re worried or afraid a parent or guardian will find out — or simply because they don’t know all the services available to them.

Building healthy relationships, avoiding unplanned pregnancies, and protecting yourself from STIs is difficult when you don’t have all the facts. At MFP, we believe everyone deserves information about and access to quality sexuality education and reproductive health care.

Call us (207-922-3222) or chat with us today for questions about your health care, to book an appointment, or for additional resources for the young people in your life.

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