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12 Simple Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors to Charm Everyone at Your Next Event!

12 Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors for Your Guest

Congratulations on the adorable new addition to your family! A cute theme like teddy bears can make your baby shower event irresistibly entertaining and inviting. Teddy bears are great for a gender-neutral baby shower, or if you just want something perfectly cute and simple.

Teddy bear baby shower favors can bring your theme adorably-to-life during your party! These favors bring fun and cuteness in spades, and WebBabyShower offers the 12 best options below for your next baby shower.

Custom Teddy Bear Cookie Favors

Give your guests a sweet treat with these Custom Teddy Bear Cookie favors! They come in sets of 12, 24, and 36 cookies – perfect for any size event. These handmade teddy bear baby shower favors come with customization to suit your color, event date, or other unique personalization.

Handmade Teddy Bear Plushies

Your guests will love these adorable miniature Handmade Teddy Bear Plushies at your baby shower! These customized teddy bear baby shower favors make the perfect souvenir for your big event. Each item is crocheted in either a 3″ or 4.5″ size and comes in 10 different colors.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

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Build Your Bathroom

Personalized Teddy Bear Keychain Favors

What better way to commemorate your baby shower than with these Personalized Teddy Bear Keychain Favors? You can choose a 10cm plush teddy bear or a 3″ teddy bear-shaped mirror keychain memento in gold, rose gold, or silver with custom personalization.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

Teddy Bear Bath Bomb Favors

Pamper your baby shower guests with these Teddy Bear Bath Bombs! Each item is handmade and measures 2″ by 2.5″, weighing 2oz. You’ll love the Moroccan cashmere fragrance, and it comes with a sweet customizable label in an organza bag. Choose between blue, pink, or a custom font color for tags.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

TEddy Bear Seed Packet Favors

Try these Teddy Bear Seed Packet favors, especially if you want a more minimalistic approach to your event! Each guest receives a customized flower seed packet to take home and enjoy. Choose between Sunflowers or Wildflowers and wrap it with twine, ribbon, or a stapled packet.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

Customized Teddy Bear Themed Bookmark Favors

For unique teddy bear baby shower favors, include these Customized Teddy Bear-Themed Bookmarks. Each item is hard zinc alloy with an electroplated golden surface in the shape of a teddy bear. They come in a convenient 2.75″ by 2″ size with a tassel and in an attractive gift box.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

Teddy Bear-Themed Candle Favors

Adding these adorable Teddy Bear-Themed Candle favors is sure to make your guests smile! These hand poured candles are 1.77” square and come with customizable options for label, message, font, and ribbon color. Choose from white, blue, or pink to create the perfect teddy bear baby shower favor.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

Teddy Bear Themed Soap Favors

Make unique baby shower favors with these Teddy Bear-Themed Soaps! Each soap measures 1.75″ to 1.5″ and comes in clear packaging with a customizable tag secured with twine. You can choose from six available colors, or choose one specific to your party.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

Teddy Bear-Themed Coasters

Choose these customizable Teddy Bear-Themed Coasters for a special keepsake that everyone will cherish for years to come. Each item measures 4.8” by 4.2” and ⅛” thick, made of durable cork material. You can choose one of 15 colors and include up to two lines of text spanning 20 characters for personalization.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

Teddy Bear-Themed Coffee Mug

Give your guests something they’ll both use and love with customized Teddy Bear-Themed Coffee Mugs! Each glass mug holds 10oz of liquid and measures 4.25” by 2.⅞”. Choose from 22 font colors and five styles when creating your perfect teddy bear baby shower favor. They allow three lines of text for personalization.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

Teddy Bear themed Hand Sanitizer label

Providing individual hand sanitizer is a shower favor that everyone will appreciate! These Teddy Bear-Themed Hand Sanitizer Labels are perfect for customizing pocket items at your baby shower. Each high quality glossy label allows two lines of text and measures 1.375″ by 1.25″, perfect for a 1oz bottle of hand sanitizer.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

Teddy Bear Gift Bags

Personalized Teddy Bear Gift Bags are a wonderful choice for your big event! Guests will love these teddy bear baby shower favors to remember your big day. These include Turkish coffee, assorted candy, scented pillow fiber, or simply nothing. Choose unique colors for bags, teddy bears, ribbons, and mirror labels.

wbs teddy bear baby shower favors

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