Jeyda’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Story: Inspiring, Raw

Now, you’re about to hear about Jeyda pregnancy and postpartum stories. It’s inspiring, honest and gives some great tips and advice from experience. Being a first-time mother is a strange journey. It’s all new. Everything happens for the first time, and there is a lot of learning, mostly on a very steep curve.

Taking time to reflect on what happened during that pregnancy and postpartum journey is important. Your newborn’s first year is widely celebrated, but there is another very important milestone.

Carrying your baby for 9 months in utero and then being with your baby on earth for 9 months is a great time to celebrate the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Read on as Jeyda shares her beautiful story of her motherhood journey.

Everything happened so fast. We got married in May and four weeks later we were pregnant. I feel like I’m still catching that fact as the pregnancy built it, and now looking back it feels like a lifetime ago.

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Look, to be honest, pregnancy wasn’t good for me. i feel sick, nausea and tired throughout the flight. I kept thinking it would go away at some point, but it never did.

We also moved house at the time, there was a lot going on, but I am forever grateful for my photos that I took because it was incredible to look back and think how amazing my body was with our baby boy growing up.

This photo was taken less than a week before I gave birth and I felt huge. At 39 weeks pregnant I was very nervous about the impending birth.

I was being guided by Kerryn and her amazing PregActive Birth Preparation Courseso every bit of learning makes me feel at ease.

When I first got pregnant I thought I just wanted to vote for one c-section as the idea of ​​a vaginal birth scared me.

Then I thought, well I’ll just induce and that will help me.

As I learned more and more from Kerryn I realized my inner strength and looking back was simply empowering.

My baby boy has taught me more about myself than I ever imagined. I found a strength in me that I didn’t know existed and I found a love so strong, so unconditional that it seemed at times that nothing really mattered.

My birth was an incredible, empowering experience. Having my baby and becoming a mother changed me. I feel stronger, more connected and confident in what I can do and achieve.

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Postpartum is a journey in itself. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Those first weeks are Kerryn’s guide to her 0 to 6 week section of Core Rehab program was the support and guidance I needed as a new mother. I feel like I’m on the journey with him and know what I’m going through.

Not all support is equal. Some friends don’t fully understand what it’s like to have a newborn and others, especially parents themselves, come along with cooked meals, wise words and supportive hugs when we need it most.

I am eternally grateful for my husband, he is incredible and my love for him has grown even more as I have watched him become a father. The joy of seeing our baby snuggled in her arms is something words cannot describe.

We made this bundle of joy and now we enjoy every moment with him.

As he grows and the giggles, smiles and reactions increase, it’s just the most amazing thing and all the sleepless nights and rough patches seem worth it.

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To any new Moms out there, I just want to say, you’ve got this.

It was tough in those days, but those highs were like no other. Your baby needs you and loves you very much. And little do you know, but this little creature is going to be your biggest teacher.

Here we think we are here to guide our children through life, but in so many ways, they are guiding us.
Looking back now at 9 months of pregnancy and 9 months postpartum, I am proud of myself and what I have achieved.

Here are my top pregnancy highlights and tips:
1. Know when you’re not feeling well, that ‘this too shall pass’
2. Rest, hydrate and don’t try to push through fatigue/nausea
3. Keep moving (the feeling tired section of the PregActive program helped me!)
4. Take pictures and you’ll love looking back on them

Here are my top tips on preparing for childbirth
1. Try not to waste your energy worrying about what might happen
2. Invest in a Birth Course (like PregActive Birth Preparation Course)
3. Talk openly with your partner about your feelings
4. Avoid anyone who wants to talk negatively about their own birth story

Here are my top tips for traveling after giving birth
1. Listen to your intuition, it is always right
2. Don’t say more than you say yes to
3. Build the inner circle relationship between you, your partner and your baby
4. Be okay with your social life changing, especially this first year

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And I just want to say a big thank you to Kerryn and her PregActive team for her support every step of the way. It makes this journey so easy, I wish every expectant and new mother could experience it too.

The week-by-week guidance through pregnancy, the prenatal support and then postpartum recovery – there’s no other program like it. It’s amazing, and accessible from the app on my phone. I liked it. Every new and expectant Mama should have Studio PregActive.

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