131 Girl & Boy Elf on the Shelf Names from Movies & More

It’s Christmas time and many Elf scouts are arriving at their new homes! We’ve created this list of over 100 fun Elf on the Shelf girl and boy names to help you decide what to call your new family member.

Our family has had a ton of fun with our Elf on the Shelf and his many antics over the years being visited by this mystical creature. The first step, of course, is coming up with a name for your Elf on the Shelf! Below are some of our favorites.

Boy Elf on the Shelf Names

Elf on the shelf names for boys

Classic Boy Holiday Names for your Elf

  • Pine
  • Kringles
  • Dash
  • Claus
  • Jinx
  • Yule
  • Freddy
  • Lux
  • Blitz
  • Evergreen
  • Small
  • Sprites
  • Balm
  • Rockefeller
  • Nicholas
  • Nick
  • tinseltoe
  • Evermint
  • Krampus

Famous Elf Names from Movies

Here are some great Elf baby names from popular Christmas movies. We’ve also included links to some of our favorite movies so you can check them out for yourself.

  • Charlie (from Santa Clause)
  • Bernard (from Santa Clause)
  • Arthur (from Arthur Christmas)
  • Sparky (from Christmas Vacation)
  • Cousin Eddy (from Christmas Vacation)
  • Leo (from Elf)
  • Miles Finch (from Elf)
  • Mayor Augustus Maywho (from Grinch)
  • Kevin (from Home Alone)
  • Gus Polinski (from Home Alone)
  • Buzz McAllister (from Home Alone)
  • Gimbel (from Elf)
  • Vic Frohmeyer (from Christmas with the Kranks)
  • Gonzo (from Muppet’s Christmas)
  • Hans (from Die Hard – not really a family Christmas movie, but it’s one of my favorite movies!)
  • Wreck it R”elf” (from Wreck it Ralph)
  • Neezer (from Scrooge)
  • Wayne (from Prep & Landing)
  • Lanny (from Prep & Landing)
  • Frodo (from Lord of the Rings)
  • Legolas (from Lord of the Rings)

2023 Sports Themed Elf on the Shelf Names

  • Kelce (Capital Cities of Kansas)
  • Jokic (Denver Nuggets)
  • Mookie (LA Dodgers)
  • Pussy (LA Rams)
  • Curry (Golden State Warriors)
  • Kiké (Boston Red Sox)
  • Jimmy (Miami Heat)
  • Kittle (SF 49ers)
  • Giannis (Milwaukee Bucks)
  • Luka (Dallas Mavericks)
  • Dak (Dallas Cowboys)
  • LaMelo (Charlotte Hornets)

Girl Elf on the Shelf Names

Elf on the shelf names for girls

Classic Holiday Names for Your Elf

  • Ginger
  • Pixie
  • Tinsel
  • flashing
  • Winter
  • Joy
  • Carol
  • Snowflake
  • Christmas
  • Starshine
  • JingleBelle
  • Mistletoe
  • happy
  • Holly
  • Prancer
  • Grace
  • Cookies
  • cocoa
  • Figgy Puddin
  • Sugarplum
  • Glitterbeam
  • Tinsley
  • Vixen
  • Macy
  • Peppermint
  • Cupid
  • Candy
  • Lucy
  • Harmony
  • cinnamon
  • Gloves
  • Kiki
  • Waffles

Christmas Movie Names for Female Elf on the Shelf

Here are some fun names from Christmas movies!

  • Jovie (from Elf)
  • Cindy Lou Who (from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)
  • Judy (Elf from Santa Clause)
  • Lucy (The Santa Clause)
  • Noelle (Noelle on Disney+)
  • Martha May Whovier (from Grinch)
  • margo (from Christmas Vacation)
  • Bethany (from Christmas Vacation)
  • dory (from Finding Nemo)
  • Anna or Elsa (from freezing)
  • Sally (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Betty Lou Who (from Grinch)

Pop Culture Elf on the Shelf Names

  • Halle Berry
  • Ruth Bader Gifts-Burg
  • Zendayelf
  • NFTiny
  • Billie Eilish
  • Beyonce herself
  • Viralina
  • FolkLorelia
  • AllTooElf
  • Tamagelf
  • SpiceSprite
  • Hashtag
  • Frostbite

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Gender Neutral Elf Names

Welcoming a new Elf friend into your home is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas when you have little ones! Here are some gender-neutral ideas that lean into the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas Classics

  • Snowie
  • Snowball
  • Elfie
  • Crasher
  • Kringles
  • Chris
  • Lucky
  • Flakes
  • ice
  • Topper
  • Sledge
  • Shine
  • Jingle
  • Chip
  • North
  • Prep
  • Landing
  • Thrasher
  • Jolly
  • Cider
  • Sprites
  • Boreal
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Taffy
  • Myrrh
  • Nutmeg
  • starlight
  • Toffee
  • chestnut
  • Carol
  • Hearth
  • messy
  • Neve (meaning “snow” in Italian)
  • Cider
  • Alpine

Reindeer Names

  • Dasher
  • dancer
  • Prancer
  • Vixen
  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • Donner
  • Blitzen
  • Rudolph

Duos of Elves

Some families are lucky enough to have 2 (or more) elves! In this case, you need to go with one of these adorable name duos.

  • Puddings and Pies
  • Snowcap and Sundrop
  • Evergreen
  • Fable and Frost
  • Hearth and Ember
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Jolly and Jingle
  • Frost and Chaos
  • Twinkle and Glow
  • Cocoa and Marshmallow
  • Cookies and Crumbs
  • Pine and Spruce

What is the Name of your Elf on the Shelf? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good name for an elf?

Some of my favorite elf names are:

How did you choose an Elf on the Shelf name?

There are many ways to choose a name for your Elf on the Shelf. You can choose together as a family and if you can’t agree on a name, you can draw names out of a hat!

What are the names of Christmas elves?

Some Christmas elf names are Kringle, Claus, Tinsel, Twinkle, or Dash.

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