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16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls – 20 Sweet 16 Gifts She Will Love

There are some special birthdays in life and without a doubt, turning 16 is one of those milestone birthdays! For some, it means getting a driver’s license, a first job or more importantly, a step closer to becoming an adult. If you or a young lady you know is having a Sweet 16 party, you may be wondering what kind of birthday present to bring or ask for. If that’s the case, keep reading for our 16th birthday gift ideas for girls!

16th Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

Sweet 16 Birthday Bracelet

Whether you choose the rose gold or silver-plated option, this bracelet will be a special way to remember this milestone birthday. With 16 beautiful beads representing each year and a soft yet durable cord, this bracelet would make a great gift to wear for any occasion!

Sweet 16 Bracelet

Celebrate her milestone Birthday with 16 14K rose gold dipped beads representing each amazing year.

Vintage Candy Hamper

This vintage candy hamper is filled with not only some delicious treats but 60 unique ones! From sweet to sour, there will be both candy and nostalgia for him to enjoy. Talk about a sweet gift!

Vintage Candy Hamper

Celebrate her Sweet 16th with 60 of the best vintage candies in this cute hamper.

Instant Photo Printer

If he is a budding photographer, a gift like this instant photo printer can be a good choice for his 16th birthday! This printer prints high-quality photos right from your cell phone. What’s more, this printer will make it quick and easy for him to share photos with his crew!

Instax Mini Instant Camera Bundle

This bundle is another one of our awesome 16th birthday gift ideas for girls! First, it comes with a mini 9 camera used to capture special moments. Second, it includes the instant film on which to print your photos. Third, it comes with colorful filters, wall decor hanging frames, table frames, stickers, and a camera case! A cool gift for any creative girl!

$109.95 from Amazon

Go Pro

The Go Pro is a stellar gift for the girl who loves to be active as well as explore! It’s ability to capture activity in vivid video not only from land but also underwater is amazing. This gift is perfect for his next adventure!


Go Pro Hero

Shoot stunning video, sharp photos and even stream live with the ht elatest Go Pro!

Cruiser Bikes

He’ll be traveling in style on this mint green steel bike! With a comfortable seat as well as a convenient basket, this could be the perfect set of wheels for his birthday. Also has a rear rack and beverage holder!

No products found.

Record Player

It’s both old school and modern gift! This record player can play both vinyl records and from your device, as well as from a USB drive. It comes in a classic suitcase that is both practical and nostalgic. You can also hook this record player up to an external speaker system. A great gift for any music lover!

Sweet 16 Lucky Copper Penny Keyring

Looking for something elegant and chic? Then this initial gold necklace might be the perfect gift! Choose the birthday girl’s initials on the front while the back reads “One In A Million.” A personalized gift is always nice!

Kate Spade Initial Necklace

Looking for something elegant and chic? Then this initial gold necklace might be the perfect gift! Choose the birthday girl’s initials on the front while the back reads “One In A Million.” A personalized gift is always nice!

Butterfly Bookmark

For a book lover, this butterfly bookmark would make a great gift as it is both stunning and useful! With a gold vintage look, flower glass ball pendant and a detailed metal butterfly, this is a great gift for any reader.

Birthstone Earrings

A personal gift idea is to give birthstone earrings! Simply put, these beautifully handcrafted studs made of her birthstone will be a gift she can enjoy on any occasion for years to come.

Birthstone Earrings

Stud earrings featuring round cut 5mm genuine stones bezel set in highly polished sterling silver!

Visa Gift Card

Not sure what to get the birthday girl? A Visa gift card is a brilliant idea! All in all, this will allow him to use it in various places including shops and restaurants. Knowing a lot!

Makeup Organizer

Some girls just want to have fun…with make-up! This makeup bag is large and double-layered, so it’s perfect for the girl who wants to try a new look. This is a great gift for someone who loves to travel. In addition, it comes in three colors!

Dream Catcher

This dream catcher is perfect for anyone, especially someone who loves the Boho chic look. This gift can be used in a traditional sense by separating good and bad dreams or as a beautiful decoration. The birthday girl can also add to the dream catcher to make it more her own.


Boho Dream Catcher

Handmade flowers and web, beautiful white dipped glitter feathers, delicate lace ribbons and tassels

Jewelry box

Another one of our 16th Birthday ideas for girls are the gorgeous two-layer velvet jewelry box. It will securely hold all her precious earrings, rings, and necklaces. The gray box will also match any room flawlessly!


Jewelry box

A gorgeous gift that is both practical and special!

Satin Pajamas

These satin pajamas are comfortable and luxurious, making them a wonderful gift! Buy for the birthday girl or wear during your own Sweet 16 sleepover! Maybe pick up a few extras for your friends.

Wooden Hairbrush Set

This wooden hairbrush set is perfect for someone who appreciates eco-friendly products. This range will not only detangle your mane but also improve your hair’s natural shine. It comes in a cute drawstring gift bag too!

Wooden Hairbrush Set

Our polished wooden bristles / hair brush are made of 100% natural wood!

GHD Hair Dryer

This is a gift that can blow away a girl’s birthday! This hairdryer is light, powerful but still has a quieter motor than most hairdryers. This is a great choice for any woman on the go!

GHD Hair Dryer

Blow dry your hair in half an hour and get great results!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

He can listen to his favorite jams anywhere with this portable Bluetooth speaker! In fact, with its 12 hours of playing time, he can enjoy his music or podcasts all day long. It’s waterproof as well and comes in different colors!

Essential Oil Diffusers and Oils

Do you want to add a calm ambiance to his bedroom? Then this oil diffuser would make a delightful gift. Subtle scents can help promote deeper sleep, relieve stress and it looks cute too!

Essential Oil Diffuser

This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an amazing multifunctional aromatherapy device unlike any other you’ve ever used!

16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls – Final Note

In conclusion, being 16 is a special time. We look forward to our 16th Birthday gift ideas for girls will help you find the perfect gift for the young lady in your life. Every gift idea is as unique as every 16 year old. Whatever you choose, he’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness when it comes to his milestone birthday.

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