Abortion is the Killing of an Innocent Human Person

I find it fascinating how many people think that by simply saying, “abortion is the killing of an innocent person,” I’m somehow committing hate speech. It seems that even those who oppose the killing of innocent people are reluctant to call it that: Murder. Some have even told me not to use the word abortion because it might offend someone who has had one, because they have to think about what they did. The crazy part about this is that these statements often come from those who call themselves Christian and pro-life.

A few years ago I received an e-mail from a Christian who was furious with me for using the term “abortionist.” He was surprised that I refer to someone who has an abortion as an abortionist because that means he wants an abortion. are you confused I was when I read his e-mail; I actually had to read it a few times just to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake.

I explained to him that “abortionist” is a technical term like therapist, anesthesiologist or scientist. He said no one wants an abortion and using a term like that is hateful. I really think the use of the term is too kind; Abortionists do not deserve professional titles.

In almost any genre, field, group, movement or belief system you will find terminology that is unique and not often known outside of that group. You’ll find that within the pro-life movement people often refuse to call buildings where abortions are performed “clinics,” instead calling them “abortion mills.” The truth is that a clinic is a place where people go for healing, not to kill other people. The term “abortion mill” comes from the fact that most of these places turn in large groups of mothers in a short period of time and will kill the largest number of babies in the shortest time; therefore, we call it a mill.

Another term often used is “pro-abortion” instead of the inaccurate term coined by the abortion industry, “pro-choice.” This term is trying to highjack an innocuous word that will paint their stance in a good light. The simple fact is that if someone is “pro” the right to abortion then they are pro-abortion.

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Most pro-lifers would also refuse to say “terminate a pregnancy.” We call it what it really is: Child murder. I refuse to refer to a child in the womb as a “pregnancy.”

Why do we feel the need to sanitize abortion and not call it what it really is, killing someone? Why do we have to change everything to avoid offending people by using the right and proper term?

In the same way I refuse to denigrate the more than 65 million innocent people killed by abortion by referring to them as “terminated pregnancies.” I would never bestow the term “doctor” on a man who uses his God-given talents to amputate babies’ legs and leave mothers in pain for the rest of their lives.

Why do we only want to tiptoe over the atrocities of abortion and not other heinous crimes? Imagine if someone started calling rapists “involuntary sex partners” just to soften the term so there wasn’t so much stigma attached to the name? What if we called the murder “post-pregnancy termination” so that the person who committed the murder does not feel guilty for what they did? Maybe we can call people who believe it’s OK to molest small children “pro-choice” because they should have the choice to do what they believe?

I hope these examples are funny. Yes. What makes me laugh even more is when I’m told I’m using hate speech to call the killing of an innocent person “homicide.” I don’t think the lives of precious babies should be reduced to “choices”.

For me that is the real hate speech.

LifeNews Note: Bryan Kemper is the youth outreach director for Priests for Life and the coordinator of street activism. He is the author of Social Justice Begins in the Womb and Pro-life is the New Punk Rock.

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