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Trunk or Treat Kits – 10 Fun Trunk or Treat Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is often a favorite holiday for all ages, especially children! Kids usually dress up, grab their treat bags and start Trick or Treating. They visit decorated houses in their area while collecting candy. However, there is a new Halloween trend that has emerged in recent years, Trunk or Treat. Read on to learn more about this event as well as how you can easily enter one of these fun Trunks or Treat Kits below!

What is Trunk or Treat?

The Trunk or Treat event is when cars park nearby, open their trunks and give out candy from them. But it’s more than that! Participants can be very creative in decorating their trunk space. Sometimes games are offered and of course, treats! There may also be contests for the most decorated tree or costume.

Trunk or Treating is a great alternative to Trick or Treating door to door. Generally, parents attend these so that their children are in a safer environment. It also cuts down on their walking and is just one location for parents to bring their kids instead of multiple houses.

Usually, these events are organized by a parent group or a community organization and can happen on Halloween, on the day or a few hours before the 31St. Look out for one in your area!

Where do you host Trunk or Treat?

Usually the biggest requirement for hosting a Trunk or Treat event is a safe and large space for multiple vehicles to park. A parking lot is ideal! Check out the use of the school, library or church parking lot. They are usually less busy on certain days, especially schools that are often closed on weekends. It is important to use a parking lot that is not too busy and is under construction. Finally, if you’re planning to host a Trunk or Treat, make sure you check permits or ask for permission.

Ideas for decorating for Trunk or Treat

Now that you know what a Trunk or Treat event is, you may be thinking about ideas for decorating your trunk. Check them out amazing Trunk or Treat kit below for some inspiration!

Halloween Themed Trunk or Treat Kits

Monster Party

This Trunk or Treat kit is not only lively but fun with a Halloween twist! With colorful and shiny luau skirts and cardboard monsters, your trunk is sure to be Spooktacular. Little ones will be captivated by this fun Halloween display!

black cat

We often think of black cats during Halloween. So why not use that as your inspiration for your trunk! This black cat Trunk or Treat kit for example, turn your trunk into a smiling black cat, ready to greet all trunks or treaters!

Monster Trunk

Make a wide mouth and look like a fuzzy monster with it Monster Trunk or Treat kit! Kids will love checking out this monster while visiting your trunk. Her tongue and teeth will definitely draw attention. In addition, play the song Purple People Eater and have a dance party!

Fun Trunks or Treat Kits (Not Afraid of the Little Ones)

Be kind

You don’t have to choose a scary theme when decorating your trunk for Halloween. Consider changing it and spread a positive message with it be kind trunk kit. A rainbow decoration will brighten anyone’s day and bring some fun vibes to the event. This kit also includes messages on how to be kind for your guests to see. A great way to inspire kindness!

Dr. Seuss

dr seuss trunk or treat

A Dr. Seuss Trunk orr Treat kit is the perfect way to add some literature-inspired fun to the event! With colorful decorations including pom-pom trees, this kit will really make your trunk pop. Also, don’t forget the traditional red and white Cat in the Hat stripes!

Baby Shark

baby shark trunk or treat

Almost everyone knows Baby Shark’s catchy tune, so why not use that as a theme here as well Baby Shark Trunk or Treat kit? Colorful coral, in addition to cute fish and a beautiful blue backdrop, will make you and your guests feel like you are right under the sea. Dress up as a Baby Shark for more fun!


construction trunk or treat

This construction Trunk or Treat kit The youngsters certainly won’t be scared but they will be excited! Many children are fascinated by construction sites and all the neat, large vehicles and tools involved. Kids will enjoy checking out the inflatable jackhammer and building with the cardboard cinder blocks found in this kit. If you build it, they will come!

Candy Land

candyland trunk or treat

No one can argue that candy is a huge part of Halloween. Use it Candy Land kit to make your trunk look vibrant, but also a good looking display! Everyone will love this colorful and delicious theme.

Character Themed Trunks or Treat Kits

Star Wars

This Star Wars themed kit is great fun for kids. With life-sized cutouts and floor mats to lead your trick-or-treaters to the car, you have everything you need for a Star Wards trunk or treat!

Marvel: The Avengers

avengers trunk or treat

This Marvel themed kit is especially super! It’s perfect for any Avengers or superhero fan. This is sure to spark some conversations if not debates on who is the best superhero. Don’t forget to rock your favorite Avenger costume too.

Trunk or Treat Sign

And don’t forget that put up a sign letting the locals know about your event! You can create a custom one here!

More Tunk or Treat Ideas

Alternatives to candy in a Trunk or Treat

If you don’t want to fool around with sweet treats, there are plenty of other great Halloween-themed treats you can offer. Check out our feature here to see our best Halloween candy alternatives!

Fun Trunk or Treat ideas – last note

Attending a Trunk or Treat event is a fantastic addition or alternative to your Halloween plans. If you plan to give out candy at one of these events, the kits above will help make it stand out! You can also create your own theme. Check out our parties for inspiration and most of all, have a Happy Halloween!

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