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cherry blossom bambi dessert table

Welcoming a new bundle of joy is a magical moment, and what better way to celebrate than with a Bambi-themed baby shower? Inspired by the beloved Disney classic, a Bambi baby shower is the epitome of charm, innocence, and wilderness. From charming decor to delicious food, here are some tempting ideas to help you create an unforgettable Bambi-themed baby shower for the mom-to-be and her little one.

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Bambi Baby Shower Invitation

Set the tone for an enchanting affair with invitations featuring Bambi and his woodland friends. Opt for soft pastel colors, delicate floral patterns, and unique fonts to capture the essence of the forest. You can also add a touch of sparkle with glitter accents for that extra magic.

Bambi Baby Shower Decorations

Transform into a woodland wonderland with Bambi-inspired decor. Decorate with forest tables, wildflower bouquets, and wooden accents to evoke the rustic beauty of the forest. Hang paper lanterns or twinkling lights from the ceiling to create a magical ambiance. Include plush deer figurines, woodland creatures and images of Bambi throughout the venue to transport guests to the heart of the forest.

bambi baby shower dessert table

Bambi Baby Shower Centerpieces

Create charming centerpieces using mason jars filled with fresh flowers, decorated with small Bambi figurines, and surrounded by moss and pinecones. Add a touch of whimsy with butterfly or deer-shaped confetti scattered around the tables. For an extra special touch, consider incorporating LED candles to add a warm glow to the arrangements.

ochoa. luz
beautiful bambi centerpice cutout and flowers
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Commemorate the special occasion with thoughtful keepsakes that the mom-to-be can treasure for years to come. Set up a guestbook where guests can leave heartfelt messages and greetings for the new arrival. Provide Bambi-themed photo frames or albums for guests to place snapshots from the celebration.

For a unique twist, consider giving the mom-to-be a custom-made piece of artwork featuring Bambi and her friends, personalized with the baby’s name and date of birth.

Forest backdrop

Start by setting the scene with a backdrop that evokes the beauty of the forest. Hang a large poster featuring a forest with trees, flowers, and deer like Bambi. You can also make a DIY backdrop using plants, artificial vines, and paper flowers to simulate a lush forest environment.

Enchanted Baby Showers bambi theme

Garland and Banner

Hang garlands and banners throughout the venue to add a festive touch to the decor. Make garlands using paper cutouts of leaves, flowers, and deer shapes tied together with twine or ribbon. Hang banners with phrases like “Welcome to the Forest” or “Oh Deer, It’s a Baby Shower” to tie in with the theme.


Fairy Lights and Lanterns

Light up the space with twinkling fairy lights and lanterns to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Hang string lights overhead or wrap them around trees and branches for a magical glow. Place lanterns or mason jar luminaries on tables and around the venue to add a unique touch to the decorations.

Bambi Baby Shower Activities

Set up a station for guests to create their own woodland-themed onesies or bibs using fabric markers and stencils. Organize a “Guess the Baby Animal” game where guests match pictures of baby animals to their adult counterparts. For a nostalgic twist, screen the classic Bambi movie or set up a photo booth with movie-inspired props so guests can capture treasured memories.

Bambi Baby Shower Food

Delight guests’ taste buds with a scrumptious spread of woodland-inspired treats and refreshments. Serve forest-themed appetizers like stuffed mushrooms, animal-shaped veggie platters, and cheese platters decorated with edible flowers.

Bambi themed food ideas trail mix
Chakoda Design

For the main meal, consider a buffet of comfort foods like grilled chicken, vegetable skewers, and hearty salads. Don’t forget to satisfy guests’ sweet cravings with an array of desserts, including Bambi-shaped cookies, mushroom cupcakes, and a show-stopping woodland-themed cake decorated with fondant deer and forest flora.

red mushroom cupcakes
woodland themed treats log cake
Event Du Jour
Bambi Cheesecake Shooters

Bambi Baby Shower Favors

Bring guests home with unique baby shower favors that capture the spirit of the forest. Consider giving mini succulents or potted herbs decorated with Bambi-themed tags as a charming reminder of the celebration.

Alternatively, opt for personalized candles, with a woodsy scent like pine or cedar, or handcrafted soap bars shaped like forest animals. For a budget option, make DIY trail mix packets filled with nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate chips, wrapped in adorable woodland-themed bags.

Bambi Themed Party Collection

Check out these adorable Bambi themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their details below the picture! Have fun and get inspired!

theeventcommunity, adens_party_rentals
creative sweet pink bambi baby shower cookies
pretty pink bambi cupcakes
beautiful on the pink bambi baby shower cake table
Oh Deer a girl is coming
created by_carmen
twin boys baby shower bambi theme
winter wonderland bambi baby shower
magical girl bambi baby shower balloon garland
Bambi props
sweet Bambi themed baby shower cookie set
spring bambi baby shower dessert bar
disney bambi 3 tiered cake sleeping bambi
woodland bambi baby shower set up with Hedge Wall and Barrel table
luxury pink and gold bambi baby shower
Love is a song that never ends with a bambi party setup
little prince bambi cookies
forest bambi baby shower
bambi party backdrop with cherry blossom backdrop
rose gold bambi photo backdrop and baby blocks
bambi forest themed baby shower tables
Bambi themed baby shower for twin boys and girls
bambi themed balloon garland and greenery
bambi themed party styling
creation with three
this is a girl bambi themed cake
Bambi themed party guest table setup
Bambi themed cake pops
enchanted forest with bambi baby shower
baby bambi party setup
adorable bambi cakepop toppers
little prince bambi baby shower cake
floral bambi baby shower dessert buffet
bambi baby shower candy bar

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