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Best Girl Baby Shower Cake Ideas

We all love Baby Shower cakes. And there are so many beautiful girl Baby Shower cake ideas to choose from!

When you’re planning a Baby Shower, the cake is something you want to plan ahead of time. Many Moms will even theme the rest of their Baby Shower around it.

From fancy floral cakes to modern pastels, there’s something for everyone. The Baby Shower cake will most likely be the centerpiece of your Baby Shower Party so you want something a little special! Your cake can follow the color scheme of your Baby Shower. Or it can be linked to a specific theme of your choice.

There is nothing better than a Baby Shower cake for girls. Be pink and feminine, or floral and floaty.

And if you’re looking for something unusual, look no further! We’ve rounded up some of the most amazing Baby Shower cake ideas we could find. We’ve polled the best bakers from around the world to create our top Baby Shower Cakes for girls!

From soft pastels to boho florals, nude Baby Shower cakes to frosted creations. Scroll down to see our selection of the best Baby Shower cake ideas for girls.

The best Girl Baby Shower cake ideas

Any of these Baby Shower cakes for girls will be a great talking point of your Baby Shower.

And if you’re an avid baker or your budget won’t stretch to a store-bought cake, check out our DIY Baby Shower cake ideas. There are some gorgeous DIY Baby Shower cakes that you can put together yourself. And you can show all your friends that you did it!

For more Baby Shower ideas for girls, check out our Best Girl Baby Shower themes here.

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