How to Help Ease Back Pain in Third Trimester?

It’s true, most women get some degree of back pain during pregnancy.

It’s incredible how much a woman’s body changes, and hey, carrying a watermelon on your stomach sure doesn’t help with back pain!

Length is key. And by that I mean extend from the tailbone to the spine.

So your posture is really important. Try not to bend over, it won’t help your back, it will only make it worse. It goes away when you sit and stand and walk.

WALKING is very important, but don’t go too far.

You don’t want to tire the muscles, you just want enough to get the blood pumping and the feeling of good endorphins to hit.

So on third trimester Going out for a few shorter walks will probably work better than trying to take a big step.

The Prenatal Pilates routines I have in my third trimester workouts really focus on back strength and glute strength, which helps with back strength and care, so keep doing Pilates!

And try my bedtime routine, it’s what I do every night and it helps my back and hips SO MUCH!

Hope those tips help!

Feel free to ask me any questions you have, I’m here for you!

~ Kerryn

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