Cesarean Birth Due to Baby Presenting Breech in Labor then Empowering VBAC Birth Story

Vanessa’s first pregnancy occurred in 2020 during the peak of COVID. He experienced neuromuscular symptoms early on that lasted until birth without diagnosis. She had prodromal labor for a week before going into active labor at age 39 and 1. She presented to the hospital 6-7 cm dilated and with an unexpected breech baby. Her first daughter was born soon after csec. After giving birth, she struggled with healing, having an oversupply, and was a colicky baby with a soy/milk protein allergy and bottle refusal.

She became pregnant again in 2022. Her neuromuscular symptoms returned, but overall, she found her second pregnancy less stressful (probably thanks to her active 2-year-old and all the Know Your Options Zoom calls) . She experienced 3 weeks of prodromal labor before finally going into active labor and having a redemptive VBAC on her due date. She is currently 4 months postpartum and figuring out the new “normal” with two kids and working full-time.

Bio of Vanessa Thorn

Vanessa is 30 years old and lives in North Central West Virginia with her husband and two daughters. He has a degree in chemical engineering from West Virginia University and has worked for a local polymer manufacturing company for the past six years. He enjoys eating out at local restaurants, talking with his mother, and playing video games. He can be found on Instagram at @lochnessv.


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