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Christmas Craft Kits for Kids

Making festive Christmas crafts is one of our most beloved Christmas traditions. Christmas crafts for kids create memories that will last a lifetime and bring a certain joy to this holiday season. If you and your family are looking for festive Christmas craft ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the best festive Christmas Craft Kits for Kids.

Christmas Ornament Craft Kits for Kids

Wood Ornaments

What better way to show off your Christmas crafts than making ornaments for the Christmas tree? This ornament craft kit comes equipped with unfinished wood pieces, a full set of brushes, and 16 different paints for just $39.99. With this all-inclusive craft set, your kids will enjoy showing off their creative side by painting their own ornaments!

Kids can also use this craft kit to design their own ornaments and gift them to other family members! Buy it now for $39.99.

Snow Globe Kit

make your own snowglobe set

The best way to simulate Christmas is with a snow globe! This snow globe kit has three different themes to choose from, all for $19.99. Kids can use this kit to transform their winter-wonderland fantasies into something visible and presentable to the family! This craft kit is an exciting addition to Christmas traditions for kids and parents alike!

Buy it now for $19.99.

Ugly Sweater Ornaments

ugly sweater ornament kit

What goes with Christmas? Ugly sweaters! Put a twist on a traditional Christmas decoration by making a ugly sweater decoration. This kit will make kids laugh as they unleash their creative minds to make the ugliest sweater decoration. Parents, this is also a great opportunity to create a little fun competition to see who makes the ugliest sweater decorations! The $9.29 kit includes all the necessary pieces to create 12 ornaments, perfect for the family!

Buy it here for $9.29.

Bright Tissue Paper Ornaments

christmas easy craft ideas

These simple and delicate ornaments are a great craft for kids to make a classic ornament! The bright tissue paper kit is only $9.99 and makes 12 ornaments while including all the necessary resources. Making traditional looking Christmas ornaments is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face, as this craft makes better ornaments than store bought ones!

Buy it here for $9.99.

Gingerbread House Craft Kit for Kids

Wood Gingerbread House

holiday craft ideas for kids

Christmas decor that will not be bad! A wooden gingerbread house is a fantastic craft for kids! This kit comes with all the necessary materials, including paintbrushes and paint for just $51.99. This craft gives kids the chance to make their own custom gingerbread house with fun decorations they can keep for years!

Any child who has made a food-based gingerbread house knows how sad it is to end up throwing out stale food. With this kit, that’s not the case! Plus, no food-based ingredients mean it won’t spoil easily!

Buy now for $51.99.

Nativity Craft Kits for Kids

Nativity Ornament Craft

nativity decor craft kit

Get the kids in the Christmas spirit by adding in a nativity craft! It’s simple nativity scene comes with all the necessary craft pieces, making 12 total for only $9.99! This ornament craft is fun for kids to learn a little about the history of Christmas, while also making a beautiful ornament that they can hang on the tree later.

Buy here for $9.99.

Nativity Banner Craft

nativity holiday crafts for kids

Another great way to teach kids about the nativity scene, while giving them some room for creativity. This birth banner there is room for children to be creative in the nativity scene and add extra decorations – what child doesn’t love extra decorations?

All materials are included in the kit and each kit makes 12 banners for the price of $18.99. Kids’ Christmas crafts always look better with decorations they’re proud of!

Buy here for $18.99.

Wall Hanging Christmas Craft Kits for Kids

Embroidered Wall Craft

kids christmas craft ideas

A craft that looks like embroidery but without the needles is great for parents and kids! The embroidered wall art making Christmas decorations available for display anywhere in the home! This $15.99 kid’s craft comes with all the necessary pieces, all parents need is an iron for iron-on text fragments.

Kids are sure to love this craft that they can proudly display around the house for friends and loved ones to see! Buy here for $15.99.

Playful Christmas Craft Kits for Kids

Color-in Gingerbread House Craft

holiday crafts for kids ideas

Want a gingerbread house but don’t have the hard assembly? Don’t look away! This color-in gingerbread house there is very little assembly – just taping cardboard! Kids will love this gingerbread house, as they can use the provided markers to customize the gingerbread to their liking! Plus, the simple assembly means they can play a part in putting the gingerbread house together too!

This kit includes 25 pieces and three boxes of markers for $38.99! Buy it here.

Christmas Crafts for Older Kids

Sock Crafts

christmas stocking craft ideas

Let’s give the older kids a moment to shine in a felt stocking craft. This Christmas craft is $35.99 and includes all the necessary felt pieces to make the stocking as well as the lights! Your older kids will have a great time using their advanced creative skills to put this stocking together! Plus, they can use it at Christmas!

Buy here for $35.99.

Embroidery Art Craft

christmas craft ideas

Give your older kids a more avant-garde craft with embroidery! This Diamond Dotz embroidery kit is unlike any normal embroidery, because it is created with sticky wax and beads, instead of a needle and thread! Older children will spend time creating a beautiful Christmas piece that they can hang as a stunning Christmas decoration.

The best part? This kit comes with all the necessary materials, including sticky wax and a stylus for only $42.99! This means older kids can spend more time enjoying their craft without any worries about supplies!

Buy here for $42.99.

Christmas Craft Kits for Kids – Final Thoughts

Christmas crafts are a great way to spend time with kids! Your kids will love all the fun creative activities listed, while also making memories to use throughout the holiday season. Each craft can be kept and treasured even as your children grow older and start Christmas traditions of their own.

If you are looking for other Christmas ideas we have some listed for you. Have a great holiday season!

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