Fast, Empowered, Pandemic Homebirth After Cross Country Move During Pregnancy

Akua’s first pregnancy of 2020, evolved alongside the emerging pandemic and was marked by a cross-country move, a 6-hour trip for an ultrasound, changing birth teams and finding creative ways to cultivate trust herself and the birthing process.

Amid the alarming health statistics of black mothers, Akua devoted her pregnancy to immersing herself in birth literature, workshops, childbirth education, podcasts, journaling and talking to friends who had given birth. . She interviewed more than a dozen doulas and sought affirmation in midwifery care – which would provide space for all her questions, curiosities and concerns.

At the end of a very long pregnancy, an unpretentious yoga session will start a very quick first birth. Guided by metaphor and visualizations, Akua is alone in the darkness; listening to playlists, a self-recorded affirmation track and holding onto the bathroom radiator for dear life. After their hot water heater died of its own accord, her partner spent most of the active labor frantically heating water on the stove in hopes of filling the birth tub. Akua gave birth to her baby standing in the living room; roaring from the depths of her belly and held by the loving support of her doula, partner and midwife.

Postpartum included watching the entire Sopranos series, pelvic floor therapy, a baby who never took a bottle and a temporary bout of depression that faded as the world slowly opened up to new beginnings.

Akua Carson Bio

Akua is an artist, Full Spectrum Doula and Childbirth Educator.

He established’Color Care‘ with the goal of providing creative, compassionate and empowering support to people navigating pregnancy, birth, postpartum and loss. Akua is also a part-time facilitator at Urban Perinatal Education Center (UPEC) founded by Quatia Osorio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The center is a safe place for Black, Indigenous and people of color to source education and build community on their perinatal health journeys.

Outside of birth work, Akua enjoys playing music around the house, reading, singing and recording, fine wine, ceramics and finding ways to entertain her tornado baby. He might go into gardening this year. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island with his partner and their son near the ocean. Connect with him via or on Instagram:


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